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HLSC1000 – Assessment 2 - Table Analysis of Studies - Evaluating interprofessional learning modules: health students’ attitudes to interprofessional practice
Article Title (Author, year)
Why? (Aim/Purpose)
Study Design
What was the intervention?
(Study methods)
Key Findings
Strengths and Limitations
- Title: Evaluating interprofessional learning modules: health students’ attitudes to interprofessional practice
- Author: Luke Wakely, Leanne Brown and Julie Burrows
- Year accepted: 7th March 2013
- Year published online: 14th May 2013
- This study aimed to delivery sessions on a rage of health topics, to health student’s in order to identify whether interprofessional-learning modules (ILM) impacted the students behaviour in a clinical setting. The focus of the study was to improve student’s collaborations with other staff members and ensure their work was always patient centred through the help of the ILM. The university of Newcastle presented these modules.
- The study used a pre-exiting questionnaire – ‘Readiness for interprofessional learning scale’ (RIPLS) using a five point scaling system. The scaling system was divided into four categories; sections 1-9 was based on collaboration and teamwork, section 10-12 recognizing negative professionals, section 12-19 recognize positive professionals and section 17-19 identifying ones roles and responsibility.
- There were a hundred and five health students who initially took part in the study by completing the pre-questioned however; only thirty-six students completed both the pre- and post-questioner.
- 80% of the students were in their final year of their undergraduate degree
- The health students consisted of: 17 nursing (44.7%), 7 physiotherapy (18.4%), 6 occupational therapy (15.8%), 4 nutrition and diestetic (10.5%), 3 medicine (7.9%) and 3 medical radiation science (7.9%).
- All of the participants attended either the university of Newcastle or university of new England.
- Students could attend monthly sessions, consisting of one to six modules. Students also received a median of four and a half hour of ILM education.
- The pre- and post RIPLS score was compared using Wilcoxon signed-rank test, while the data itself was investigated using SPSS type 18.
- The post- ILM RIPLS was emailed to students upon completion of their clinical placement. The result was then placed into a separate Excel spread sheet, which was then analysed by the research assistants.
- Based on the results obtained from the Wilcoxon signed-rank test indicated there was a significant improvement in the post- ILM RIPLS scores in three to four of the categories tested. As such the researchers were able to conclude; ILMs is worthwhile in short term to improve students attitude towards interprofessional learning.
- For roles and responsibilities category there was no change absorbed. For the negative and positive professional identify category there was a small to medium improvement. And in the teamw...

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