Take A Designer Role From Theater And Map Out How You Would Put On A Show Westchester Community College Theater 101 Assignment

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Matt Sabel
Intro to Theatre
Professor Carcione
Role of the Designer
1. The Designer role I chose to portray is the scenic Designer. I want this play to really get the audience to feel like they are experiencing everything that is going on in the alley behind the coffee shop. I want them to be close to the actors, so they can really see the theme of “Coming of Age” progressing. The one main thing I want to do by having the audience so close is make them feel sort of uncomfortable with the silence. The play is meant to have a lot of silence to an uncomfortable point. Obviously, I’m not the sound designer, but if I was I would make sure to really limit the amount of sound effects and just let the natural awkwardness play its role.
2. I envision this show in a Blackbox theater where it is a small and intimate setting, so the audience feel as though they can connect better with the characters. I want the audience to feel like they are sitting in that alley behind the coffee shop with KJ, Jasper, and Evan. I’d like it set up this way because the audience can feel like they are there in that alley, able to clearly see Evan growing up, going from this nerdy shy goody two shoes, to this young...

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