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Nick DeBussey
Tuesday, February 20
Religious Thoughts and Actions
Can We Really Have Two?
When talking about how the first human came onto this planet there is two
possible thoughts that anyone would have which is there is a higher person or we went
through evolution​.​ In the book ​When Science Meets Religion ​written by Ian Barbour he
talks about his four models ​conflict​,​ independence​,​ dialogue​,​ and integration ​and how
science and religion can go together and not contradict one another​.​ ​Then he applies
each of the models to various fields that science and religion are in and claim to have
knowledge in​.​ Those fields being ​evolution​,​ genetics​,​ neuroscience​,​ and divine
intervention​.​ ​I picked the chapter were he wrote about his first model conflict which is a
model that says if one thing is true that in turn means that the other is ​false​.​ My stance
is opposite from what this model stats​.​ I believe that both science and religion can be
part of the full truth but we need to work together to find where the places where they
are both true and work on bring both together rather than looking for a reason to say
they are opposites and don't go together​.​ In this model Barbour uses ​evolution and
creation​ to show an event that both sides would have a different viewpoint on​.
Evolution is the idea defined as ​the process by which different kinds of living organisms
are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of
the earth​.​ When looking at evolution and the idea that we grew from smaller organisms
to what we are today people who believe in the bible say that it is impossible due to no
stories in the bible showing this which in turn sparks the argument that the stories in
bible are not real​.​ A belief that some people have is that the bible was made up by
someone that was looking to show people going through a hard time and they decided
to make a book that told stories that helped the people reading it answer the question
that they are facing​.​ On the other side ​people believe that the bible and its stories are
real and can be traced back to real life events​.​ A key find that would prove everything in
the bible to be t...

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