Task 3 C489 Healthcare Financials Us Vs Switzerland - Research Paper

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership
Healthcare Financing
WGU Organizational Systems

A1. Country to Compare
The country that I have chosen to compare to the US healthcare system, from the provided list, is the healthcare system of the country of Switzerland.

A2. Access
Healthcare in the United States is known for having a non-standard format, typically because of different states and policies, while the healthcare in Switzerland is renowned for its uniformity and mandated universal coverage. The Switzerland healthcare system is customer-driven and offers universal coverage no matter the demographic differences of its customer base. Unlike the United States, the health care system in Switzerland does not have a middleman shopping on behalf of its customers. The United States and Switzerland have very diverse and completely different ways of delivering medication and healthcare to its citizens.
In the United States there is constant medical reform. This medical reform typically involves the
coverage of the unemployed, retired, and children. The Affordable Care Act in the United States
caters to the retired and early age retired population as well as their spouses and children.
Switzerland still holds reign for a better healthcare system than the United States for its retired
population. By law in Switzerland, retirement funds usually consist of contributions from a
pension plan controlled through the country. Unemployed citizens are protected by tax-free
personal savings, similar to IRA accounts in the United States.
The Switzerland healthcare system has better healthcare delivery for its retirees, children and
unemployed, this is in contribution to the vast array of funds Swiss citizens are able to save while
working. Unlike United States, Switzerland retired citizens receive higher percentages of their
previous salaries from pension plans, that add up to approximately $1750 per month.
Municipalities or cantons of Switzerland cover the health insurance expenses for citizens that receive social assistance and recipients of supplementary senior and disability benefits. Infants in the covered at birth and parents must invest in a separate plan within 3 months. All individuals have coverage and there are for the most part no uninsured citizens and they all have access to equal healthcare.

One of the big differences between the United States and Switzerland healthcare is the ability of
citizens to access and consume healthcare in valuable and cost-conscious ways. As for the United
States, there are only about one-tenth of citizens are able to purchase health insurance individually
and the remaining nine-tenths must depend on their employers to provide or offer some form of
coverage. In Switzerland, however, each person buys medical insurance for themselves and have
no middlemen in the delivery of healthcare to citizens. One of the major objectives of the
Switzerland healthc...

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