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Team B Week Five Essay

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Team B Week FiveDj RemingtonOct20th 2014TeacherTeam B Week FiveCross-layer optimization is an escape from the pure waterfall-like concept of the OSI model having virtually strict boundaries between the layers. Cross layer transports the feedback dynamically through the layers boundaries so they can enable the compensation; the overload latency or any other mismatches for the requirements and resources by any controlled input to another layer is directly affected by the detected ...view middle of the document...

Cross‑layer optimization removes the strict boundaries to allow communication between layers by permitting one of the layers to access the data of the other layers to exchange information and enable interaction.Having knowledge of the current physical state will help the channel allocation scheme or the automatic repeat request (ARQ) strategy on the MAC layer for optimizing the tradeoffs and for achieving the throughput to maximization. In information routing with simultaneous demand for the limited capacity of each of the channels there may be the need for a concept of involvement to balance between, the needs of intelligible speech transmission and of sufficiently dynamic control commands. Any of the fixed allocations for the resources will lead to a mismatch under the special conditions of the operations.Any dynamic change of resource allocation can affect the lucidity of voice or the steadiness of the videos. Some issues can arise with cross-layer; the design and optimization can be affected by the creation of unwanted effects. Cross-layer design solutions that will allow the optimized operation for the mobile devices within the modern mixed wireless environment; where in addition to the major open technical challenges in the cross-layer design research area are pointed out.

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