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Technology Advancing In Society Essay

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AnaBelle BerryMiss QChemistry22 August 2014Technology Advancing in SocietyThe transition into a more technologically advanced society is something that the average individual doesn't have a total grasp over. The transition itself is a phase of society that happens as a result of the general public's collective actions towards technology. In this day and age, we are already incredibly advanced in our technological efforts, just the thought of becoming more centered on technology is intimidating. Many believe we will follow a similar fate as the fictional society of Earth in Pixar's film Wall-E, in which humans appear to be reduced to immobile inhabitants--confined to hovering chairs and ...view middle of the document...

S. ranked 21 out of 23 countries in math and 17 out of 19 countries in problem solving in the October study." (Beard, Katherine. "Behind America's Decline in Math, Science and Technology" US News US News and World Report LP, 13 Nov 2013. 20 Aug 2014.) Education has been, as far as the generation of children born in the 1990s are concerned, the first introduction to both personal and necessary usage of technology and the technological sciences in an individual's life. However, today's generation of children seem to have forms of technology introduced to them as early as their toddler stages. The new dependency on technology Americans have become accustomed to is shocking to most, now being centered on perfectly convenient inventions for everyday life. Smartphones, tablets and computers are just a few examples of the modern devices that have transformed from "wants" into "needs".Our primary goal as a society, as far as our technological affairs are concerned, should be to manage the speed at which we evolve said technological affairs by controlling the rate of which we digitize most, if not all of our human necessities. Many popular works of fiction are built upon the just idea that earth will meet an inevitable doom due to an uncontainable rise of technology, or the ever-growing dependency on our automated systems. To a certain extent, the "digital age" and its revolutionary achievements are beneficial to our world's growth, but there can be multiple consequences for letting our society advance without control and reason.

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