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My Daily Addiction When the word technology is heard, most people think of IPhones and MacBooks. However,technology is anything that is able to complete a task faster and/or easier. Due to recent technology,people everywhere are always glued to their smartphones tweeting or updating statuses. Technologyplays a major role in today�fs society in other ways too. It is almost impossible in this modern age for oneto get by without technology. Personally, I am constantly checking what my friends are up to on twitter,facebook, or some other social media site. Researching in order to complete my school assignmentsalso requires technology that I use frequently. Using the dishwasher to wash dishes and driving the carto get to different places are other examples of how I use technology. I use technology in my daily lifeto stay connected with friends, to do schoolwork, and just to accomplish everyday tasks. Keeping up with friends is an example of how I use technology daily. I check my facebook andtwitter accounts often to see what my friends are up to. Statuses inform me about my friends�f lives, andthe stuff I post lets other people stay updated on my life. Even though I may not be close friends with allthe people on these sites, I am still able to see what is happening with them. Another social media I useis Instgram, where users only upload pictures. I stay connected through the pictures the people I followpost. Although not as regularly, I use Skype and Oovoo as well. Skype and Oovoo allow me to videochat with others. This is good for keeping up with long distance friendships. I keep up with my friends
by using my cell phone too. However, I only use my cell phone to contact my closer friends by texting orcalling them. I use technology in my daily life in order to stay connected with friends. Another way in which I use technology daily is doing schoolwork. Sometimes, I use the Internetto look up or research a topic for a school project; other times, I...

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