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"Smoke alarms save lives. But, those who are deaf or hard of hearing cannot depend on the sound of regular alarm to alert them of a fire. There are now a variety of smoke alarms on the market that combine sound, vibration, and strobe lights to alert those with limited hearing in case there is a fire in the house." From NFPA Fact Sheet.Fire alarms that flash and vibrate are important in saving lives, especially for the hearing impaired. Our lives depend on this device, without it we are at risk. The flashing lights and vibrations alert me in every room of my house. That is why it is very important for us to have these devices in our homes.Even though my child ...view middle of the document...

the vibrating fire alarms is good when we are sleeping. If we do not see the flashing lights, the vibrations shake the bed, not hard but enough to wake us up. The vibrating device goes under my pillow, which helps me wake up to alert me if a problem occurs.The fire alarms that flash and vibrate are very helpful for deaf people. It helps save their lives, when they live in a house on their own. It is a law for deaf people to have fire alarms that flash and vibrate. Suppose a couple has a hearing loss, how will they know if alarm goes off without hearing aids? That's why it is very important for them to have these devices in their homes.Fact & figures, why are deaf and hard of hearing people at risk? 19 of every 20 homes (95%) in the U.S. have a lease one smoke alarm. More than half of home fire death result from fires in 5% of homes with no smoke alarms. Almost half of all fatal fires start at night when people are asleep in a deep sleep. Decreased hearing may limit person's ability to take quick action and escape during a fire emergency. Depending on physical limiations, may of the actions and individual can take to protect themselves from the dangers of fire may require help from aretaker, neighbor, or outside source.I am very happy that I have that device like fire alarms with strobe lights and vibration. If I didn't have this in my home, I may not be alive at this time, or my family may be harmed. My husband and I am a deaf couple that is why it's most important to us, so we can prtect our children from harm caused by fire or carbon monoxide.


advantages and disadvantages of technology in future - secondary school / english - essay

640 words - 3 pages Today, we can’t imagine ourselves without technological such as cars, microwaves, cell phones, computers, and televisions. However, technology won’t stop here, but develop further. As technology develops, there are not only advantages, but disadvantages from them. A few advantages of upgraded technology are that one can save time and money and life will be made easier as a result of not having to do all the hard labor. the disadvantages of

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688 words - 3 pages everyday tasks. Keeping up with friends is an example of how I use technology daily. I check my facebook andtwitter accounts often to see what my friends are up to. Statuses inform me about my friends�f lives, andthe stuff I post lets other people stay updated on my life. Even though I may not be close friends with allthe people on these sites, I am still able to see what is happening with them. Another social media I useis Instgram, where users only

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965 words - 4 pages in the work force, and save the lives of animals. Robotic technology will assist the elderly in living a more fulfilling life. In Martin L. Shoemaker’s story “Today I am Paul”, Mildred, an elderly woman is greeted by the robot who impersonates anyone of her choosing. One morning the robot states “I always bring flowers. Mildred appreciates them no matter whom I am emulating. The Flowers make her smile 87% of my visits” (1). The robot brings the

Industrial Revolution VS. Information Age

283 words - 2 pages was made which makes a lot of hand work to be done a lot. Another thing made in the Information age is drugs and radios. Radios report news throughout the world, just think where we would be without them, and drugs are bad for people and they kill thousands a day, but the drugs that help save lives are the good ones.So the conclusion they have both affected my life a lot. They have affected my life equally.

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297 words - 2 pages Technologies have had many pro and cons towards us as a society. It has saved lives and it also has taken them as well. We have scorched our earth with chemical waste and pollution, but in contribution to mans best efforts, we have made it a better place to live as well.Nonetheless, we have made great strides in our future. People are living longer and stronger lives than ever before. The inventions of life-saving machines and devices have added

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696 words - 3 pages ) all that done via internet access as it has made source of information attainable. In contrast to this through digital technology even learning system in schools has stretch out now other schools have embarked on using tablets as source of learning at young age kids of this generation know how to use web for school research. Indeed digital technology has taken over making life easier , save time by making things faster to finish, less mistake as

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1514 words - 7 pages now/ I need a hero (save me now) I need a hero to save my life/ A hero'll save me (just in time) I've gotta fight today/ To live another day/ Speakin' my mind today/ (My voice will be heard today)/ I've gotta make a stand/ But I am just a man/ (I'm not superhuman)/My voice will be heard today/ It's just another war Just another family torn/ (My voice will be heard today) It's just another kill/ The countdown begins to destroy ourselves CHORUS: I

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1839 words - 8 pages an opportunity for strengthening family bonds by integrating technology into daily life using social media to increase families’ exposure to one another within and across contexts.” (Williams and Merten, 2011). Clinicians might benefit by first having a clear understanding about the specific family concerns when it comes to internet usage and its impact on family connectedness and communication. It is incumbent upon therapists to understand the

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1536 words - 7 pages Nunn 1 Molly Nunn Professor Ferguson Human Experience 102 15 September 2018 Ignorance in Daily Life The phrase “ignorance is bliss” is a widely known and popular saying, but is ignorance truly blissful? Although being unaware because of one’s own ignorance seems blissful at first, being unknowledgeable because of one’s ignorance is anything but blissful. Unconsciously, people create caves with technology that allow themselves to remain unaware

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1378 words - 6 pages the new generation. Education is a principal aspect that cannot be overlooked. I have lived 16 years of my life in Pakistan with my parents before coming to United States. My parents both grew up in bigger families of total 9 household members each, with only one bread earner. Teaching during the era of my parents was mostly done using the traditional lecture boards. An example is the chalkboard and chalk. My father as a student, at that time

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575 words - 3 pages society. We live in a world where if you don't post about your vacation, does it truly mean you were on vacation? My personal view on technology is, I am all for it, in moderation. I understand the great appeal of social media, hey I've been an oversharer at some point in my young adult life. At the beginning hype of Twitter and Instagram, to me the top on the go social media platforms, I had found my self constantly checking and growing an

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3521 words - 15 pages hence they come up with the idea of putting a man inside of a machine and creating a cyborg. The American policeman Alex Murphy is critically injured and Omnicorp suggest that to save his life would be to use him within their technology, resulting in labeling him Robocop. Once created, he is tested in a scenario against one of the existing robots. However, ‘defects’ occur from mixing the organic brain and mechanisms and unlike the robot, the brain

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1751 words - 8 pages and external research. As the role AI plays within the health sector increases it is essential to consider the moral impact it has on society. While AI could revolutionize medicine it is critical that doctors and all members of society no matter where they live have access to this technology. Ultimately AI is a double edged sword and in my opinion should be accessible to all people from all walks of life rich or poor. Artificial intelligence

"Word Crimes"

1032 words - 5 pages correct our writing for us. If it suggests changing a sentence or the spelling of a word, we usually think the computer will always be right; but technology has its flaws as well. There have been several instances while I am typing an essay and the computer will say that I need to change one of my sentences, but the suggestion that it gives me makes no sense. In texting, phones usually remember words we use, and if we type a misspelled a word, a

"Word Crimes"

1032 words - 5 pages correct our writing for us. If it suggests changing a sentence or the spelling of a word, we usually think the computer will always be right; but technology has its flaws as well. There have been several instances while I am typing an essay and the computer will say that I need to change one of my sentences, but the suggestion that it gives me makes no sense. In texting, phones usually remember words we use, and if we type a misspelled a word, a