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Technology Solutions For Human Services Essay

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In the field of human services, there can be many obstacles to overcome when working with clients. Obstacles can be seen in all phases of human services in the areas of providing services, planning programs, and funding difficulties, but with the help of proper technology, some barriers can be overcome. Some of the challenges in providing services to the aging population are: the growing population of elderly individuals needing help and the physical and mental decline of the aging individual. This paper will attempt to identify some technological applications that can be used to bypass or overcome these hurdles.The baby boomers, those individuals born between 1946 and 1964 (US Census ...view middle of the document...

Other tools that can be used for help with the aging population are software applications that include spreadsheets, word processing, and database programs that generate reports.SpreadsheetsSpreadsheets can be used in many different ways in the human services field. Spreadsheets can contain information such names, addresses, and phone numbers of clients. A database that has this kind of information can be used as means of tracking clients for reports that can be generated for the use of local, state, and federal information. The reports generated from spreadsheets can be used to track how many seniors may be disabled and need programs such as Meals on Wheels, in-home assistance, or how many seniors are still working. Once a spreadsheet is developed it can be manipulated to give the information one needs in different fields. For example, if a human service worker needs to find out how many seniors live in a certain county he or she can go to the spreadsheet and ask for county information.Spreadsheets can also be for financial reports that will help with budgeting or funding concerns. Compiling surveys is another helpful tool with a spreadsheet program. Social services personnel can use addresses of their clients to mail surveys and then can compile the survey results in a spreadsheet.Word ProcessingWord processing programs can also be used to keep lists of seniors in different categories. For insistence, if an employee needs to create a mailing list for information to be sent to seniors about existing or new programs, using a program such as mail merge can print out address labels.Form letters composed in word processing programs can be saved and used for future mailings as reminders to clients of appointments or payment reminders.PresentationsPresentations can be completed in many programs. These programs include Power Point, Corel, and Lotus Freelance. Whichever program is used, presentations are helpful to the aging community. Presentations can be sent to other computers and saved on the hard drive. Presentations for the aging are helpful for the aging population because they can help with memory and cognition. For example is an individual needs help with cooking or cleaning, presentations can be viewed by the individual as a reminder of how to complete simple tasks.Presentations can also be used for the purpose of reporting data to managers and community members by using graphs to track usage of programs available to the aging...

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