Ted Talk Technology And Its Impact On Humans - EH Thomson High - Essay

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Chowdhury 1
Safia Chowdhury
Faisal Hassan
September 23rd, 2018
Technology: The Epitome of Human Innovation
With the rise of modern technology, many have begun to question whether or not its
impact on the world has been beneficial to humanity or if it has reaped the opposite effect.
Technology has oft been the target of blame from many people, predominantly baby boomers, as
it has brought about change that was previously unprecedented in human history. Many have
argued that technology is a plague that has spread (as plagues do) idiocy and negligence for the
greater things in life, such as the outdoors and social competence. Whilst this may be true on
some level, technology has begotten more good than harm as advancements in technology has
paved the path for innovations and opportunities of all kinds.
Education is one of the most important aspects, if not the most important, of modern-day
life; your educational career decides how the rest of your life will pan out. So it is chauvinistic to
only allow this privilege to those without physical or mental disabilities. Unfortunately, for the
longest of time, this was the case until technology swooped in and provided people with such
disabilities a chance at a life akin to what society considers “normal” people. It has created
several opportunities for people who are visually, verbally, or audibly impaired by providing
them with assistive technology to aid in the betterment of their lives.
Along the topic of disabilities, technology has also provided us ways to help people with
physical ailments. Using computer calculations and knowledge of anatomy, science and
Chowdhury 2
technology have collaborated to create functional prosthetic limbs. Recent advancements
introduced the printing of organs that could theoretically replace real ones. Additionally,
technology has improved the procedures and accuracy of many surgeries. Robotic arms perform
critical procedures with great precision and speed that the human hand cannot achieve under the
knife. Robot-assisted surgery is more efficient in time, healing, and incisions, speeding up the
process of healing and aiding humankind. Technology has helped craft the small, intricate
machines used in surgeries so that the process is rather painless and swift. Conceptualize, for a
moment, having to amputate minor infections, as they did in previous centuries, rather than
taking a few injections. Painful, is it not?
While on the topic, envision living in a world where you could not communicate your
pain, regardless of if it was physical or emotional. In a situation where someone is unable to
contact the police, as they have no access to a cellular device. Or perhaps another person is
experiencing a different kind of pain, one where they could not speak to their family or friends
for an extended period of time while travelling. Regardless of the innumerable theoreticals,
mobile technology has allowed many people to connect with friends, colleagues, authorities, ...

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