Teens Should Not Be Allowed To Smoke Faizan Sadiq

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Why is it that most smokers start to smoke as a teen? For attention, to fit in, to loose weight, to look cool? There are many reasons teens start to smoke, many foolish reasons. What they don't understand is that once they start, it's hard to quit and they get addicted. Most teens are aware that people who have smoked for awhile can get lung cancer and other diseases and eventually die, but many don't know about all of the bad things that smoking can do to them right now. Everyday, almost 4000 children under 18 will smoke for the first time, of which 2000 will become addicted. Teens should not be smoking-- at all! Teens are being influenced by tobacco advertisements. If teens are smok ...view middle of the document...

"# Tobacco companies also try making cigarettes look cool. For example, The Simpson's. Nearly all the characters including children have been seen smoking on the show. Teens get inspired by this, in a bad way.Everyone knows smoking is a bad idea and that breathing in someone else's secondhand smoke is also hazardous to their health. It may seem pretty harmless, but secondhand smoke actually contains thousands of chemicals, of which many can cause cancer. Secondhand smoke increases a person's risk for respiratory infections, asthma, coughing, sore throats, sneezing, heart disease, or cancer. Each year in Canada, more than 1000 non-smokers die from secondhand smoke. Teens may have friends that are non-smokers and are smoking around them not realizing that the secondhand smoke is harming their friends also. If a teen or anyone else smokes they should be smoking outside away from nonsmokers and they should never smoke inside a car with people. It has been scientifically proven that secondhand smoke is dangerous, so if smokers listen to these simple steps secondhand smoke will stay away from other people. Teens may also have younger siblings that they smoke around. Secondhand smoke is even more dangerous for kids because they have weak immune systems and they breath in more tobacco smoke.More than one third of high school students smoke, causing them to fall back in their education. As teens smoke, they gradually stop caring about their education. They feel as if they're not a part of the school. As teens get more and more addicted to smoking they will start to skip classes to go smoke. They will not perform as well in classes because their concentration will be gone. If a teen is really addicted, their marks could possibly drop lower. Putting all these facts together a teens future could be in trouble. Even if a teen stops smoking after high school, smoking will follow them around. Due to low marks, teens will not have a good job, or they might not even get one.When teens smoke they start to change, their attitude towards people, personality, appearance. Teens only hang out with other smokers leaving their old friends out. They're always crabby at people like their parents, friends, strangers. This is because of smoking. They start to steal cigarettes or money, they bribe people for cigarettes. Teens buy fake ID's or lie about their age at stores. Their whole personality changes, making them good to bad. Looking at a teen, someone could tell if they smoke or not. It's because of their appearance, they're dirty, don't take care of themselves, but some teens are absolutely clean but someone could still tell if they smoke by seeing the people they hang around with.A cigarette contains about 4000 chemicals, of which many are poisonous. What teens don't realize is that those chemicals are going into their body every time they light a cigarette. Smoking is really dangerous for health, and ev...


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