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Executive SummaryIn today's competitive business environment, mobile operators have to compete in the industry by facing the problems and overcome it, taking initiative considering the prospects of the industry, and finally taking marketing strategy for the customers and overall the industry. If Government, authorities, companies will give attention in this sector then whole industry will be benefited as well as general people, country and companies. The main objective of this thesis paper is to show the problems and prospects of telecommunication sector and its marketing strategies as individual company taking the steps time to time.It can be said that the Bangladesh telecom market has a lot of potential to offer considering strategically ignorable or somehow alterable threats. The market looks very potential and prospective. Lots of opportunities are waiting.References:Brassington F. and Pettitt S. "Principles of Marketing" 4th Edition (Financial Times/Prentice Hall, 2006) ISBN: 9780273695592Kotler P. and Armstrong G. "Principles of Marketing:, 13th Edition (Financial Times/prentice Hall, 2010) ISBN: 9780273743279.Kotler P., Keller K. L., Koshy A. and Jha M. (2011) " Marketing Management", 13th Edition.Cateora P. R. and Graham J. L. (2011), "International Marketing", 13th Edition.Assael, H., Reed, P. and Patton, M. (1995) Marketing: Principles and Strategy Harcourt-Brace.Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., Brown, L., Chandler, S. A. (1998), Marketing, (4th edn), Prentice Hall.


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2019 words - 9 pages Indian telecom industry has seen tremendous growth in last few years driven primarily by parallel economic growth, rising income levels and favorable demographics. With close to 300million customers presently and with a target of 500million customers by 2010(Annual report 2007-2008 of Bharti Airtel) it makes India one of the largest telecom markets in the world. Indian telecom industry is expected to face serious competition with new entrants

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2991 words - 12 pages . Executive Summary Australia has a potential market for Telecomm Industry; the services by existing telecom providers are expensive and lacking in terms of technological advancement. The Australian government is supporting the Telecomm Industry to improve the mobile coverage and competition across Australia by the programme named as “Mobile Black Spot Programme” with an estimated cost of over AUD 680 million. This constant support from the

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3554 words - 15 pages lie in leading technology, reliable products, rich experience in operation and rich network resources. Of course, through the analysis, we also found that the inadequacies are low brand awareness and regional constraints. We need strong partners like Microsoft to help us achieve our goals. Our competitors are telecom operators like us. To know them can find differences that help us to formulate appropriate market strategies. In addition, we need

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1028 words - 5 pages from the company (Samsung sg, 2018). 2.5 Flexibility Consumers who have engaged with Samsung Electronics are entitled with many promotions such as higher rates trade-in and exchanges for new Samsung products. Other promotions such as birthday vouchers and value-added accessories are also included when signing up contracts with telecom companies and purchasing their mobile phones, increasing values towards their consumers. Other electronics such as colllapse. It describes how colllapsed. The reasons behind its demise - university of wollongong - assignment

1028 words - 5 pages million. Which is ridiculous and the amount. The amount was ten times of what telecom giants like Optus, Vodafone, and Telstra had paid to get the similar kind of licenses during that period. The unethical practices of directors and auditors also made the collapse swift and abrupt. Because they knew the real situation but were silent. In 1998-99, 3 directors along with the board chair’s combined remuneration was $2.3 million compared to after

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5286 words - 22 pages customers.Competitive threats come from other ISPs located in Czech market, including the following companies: Netbox, Czech Telecom, GTS Novera, Nextra, SkyNet, Karneval, UPC etc.. Most competitors offer solutions through wireless and DSL, but ignore fiber optics. With the rise of fibers optics sites, there is potential for Xxx to surpass its competitors. Because fiber optics has no limits at speed of data.Xxx has a management team with direct knowledge of

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3033 words - 13 pages to internet service providers or ISPS to decide what the rules do and don’t allow them to do. Alongside these “made up rules” none of our ISP are very clear about their intensions which does nothing but scare internet users from wondering what is happening to their data and whether or not there’s any privacy at all. Historically this is not a new phenomenon. The Telecom act of 1934 saw very similar things that users are fighting over right now


1943 words - 8 pages of compatible software proves itself in creating products to suit the customers' needs.ConclusionThe worldwide communications business has been altering during the past few years, and fairly dramatically. In conclusion, wireless communication, proves to be a hot area for telecom provider. Accordingly, the requirement for handset products, from businesses to customers continues to increase. The matter is how handset producer have fit their

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1297 words - 6 pages independent internet users surfing the web freely, and rather deals with who will influence the future of internet. While the FCC has maintained that net neutrality regulations increased difficulty for broadband providers to invest in their networks, evidence suggests that such regulations have had zero negative effect on initial telecom investment. Following the repeal of net neutrality, the market now dictates what succeeds or fails online. Meaning

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3955 words - 16 pages retro-style games and will be updated monthlyOrganizational Structure of FOXTELFoxtel is owned by three large companies· Telstra 50% - incumbent Telecom· News Ltd 25% - Murdoch· PBL 25% - PackerOUTSOURCINGFoxtel outsources its installation and Maintenance to Telstra who in turn outsource the work to 4 companies - they all make a profit in the chain - but not at the end of the chain. They four companies are ABB, Alstom

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3279 words - 14 pages advantage.Canada is regulated by 14 sets of differing legislation. Federal and Provincial legislation make the Canadian political landscape somewhat complex when concerning differing labour laws from province to province. Federal employment legislation only cover a fixed portion of industry in Canada (Banking, Air, Telecom, CRTC) Canadian Law is shaped by a few factors: constitutional law, common law and statute law. Constitutional law has a pervasive impact on

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8213 words - 33 pages there?A: Chinese and Finns have some common characteristics. They don't brag and are modest. They are aware that life isn't easy. It makes you a little more humble. We have seven joint ventures, and all but one are state-owned.Q: You're transferring sophisticated technology to these partners. Aren't you concerned that they might take your market share in the future?A: Because the telecom industry is so important [in China], there are rules and

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7085 words - 29 pages dependencies; it is essentially "a method of sinking method of presenting information. CPM was developed by DuPont and the US navy.P 258, 11.2, Critical Path Method (CPM), Managing Construction Projects, Graham M.WinchFor CPM diagram please see appendix BAbbreviationsØ CDB Central Business DistrictØ LVC La Ville ContemporaineØ DEWA Dubai Electricity & Water AuthorityØ BB Business BayØ TECOM TelecomØ DIC

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7137 words - 29 pages players. Currently, there are a number of suppliers providing such hardware, such as HP, IBM, and hence competition among such suppliers is intense. Foreign game server suppliers enter China's online gaming market with products of lower prices compared with China's domestic game server suppliers. Thereby, the intense competition has lowered the bargaining power of such suppliers. In addition, although ISPs is monopolized by Telecom and Netcom, they

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8973 words - 36 pages gain market share. Once this is achieved, the price is increased. This approach was used by France Telecom in order to attract new corporate clients.Economy PricingThis is a no frills low price. The cost of marketing and manufacture are kept at a minimum. Supermarkets often have economy brands for soups, spaghetti, etc.Price SkimmingCharge a high price because you have a substantial competitive advantage. However, the advantage is not sustainable