Television Viewed By Children With Prosocial Shows Social Psychology Assignment

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Ariana Valencia
May 2018
Assignment 6
Media and Children’s Aggression, Fear, and Altruism Response Assignment
Being responsible for making sure our little ones grow up into civil people, may not seem easy “peasy” to those on the outside. Its not until you really have the responsibility of making sure your little one is on the right track, you quickly see how observant little minds can be, its quite extraordinary. As children grow up now of days their exposure to media is inevitable. In this assignment the author contention is although aggression can be a reaction or made to be ok in some exceptions to fantasy violence programs, like in the children’s tv program Power Rangers, there are shows for children that shows evidence that can influence young children to positive prosocial behavior.
When the development of morals is acquired we then can see where the child is headed in development. At certain ages we learn that children under the age of eight years old have a hard time following shows that you must follow that have more talking and explaining than shows that have action in them. Their empathy level around the younger age group are less physiologically aroused not as frightened by the scary stimulus in the show. As well as younger aged kids are less likely to connect with the characters in the show, studies say that the connection of emerging with how the character feels develops around 8 years old. Children that do have the ability to see and understand other people’s emotions besides their own, are likely to be show empathy with the inspiration of media content, and more so if the content seems more real to the children. Studies show that children who are watching a lot of violence results in hindering children’s moral development. Families that str...


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