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Dear Admissions Committee,
My name is Tejas Viswanathan and I am a current senior at FlexSchool in Berkeley Heights, NJ.
I have applied as an undergraduate freshman for Temple University and I would absolutely love
to be a student there. It is in fact, my top choice. There are many reasons why I would be a
good fit at Temple, and would enjoy my experience there. First and foremost, I love the diversity
of the school. As I am an Indian, I want to go to a place that is diverse so I can feel comfortable
rather than going to a university with a predominant race. Second, I love the liberal arts
program, as it would not only teach me how to problem solve and get me ready for career, but
also offers small classes which is exactly what I need and want for my freshman year before
going on to much bigger classes. I also love the fact that Temple is located in my favorite
city,Philadelphia. I try and visit the City of Brotherly Love as much as I can, taking the SEPTA
Train from Trenton, or by driving and visiting my favorite attractions, eating Philly cheesesteaks,
and interacting with fellow Philadelphians. I have always dreamed of living in Philadelphia for a
time being.
I would never take the opportunity of being a student at Temple for granted. I also love the
variety of clubs and extracurricular activities there, especially the Theatre Program. I have
recently found a passion in acting, as I love the idea of performing and entertaining people. I
sometimes in my spare time, sing various songs from movies and act out lines. I think being
involved in Temple’s theatre program would be great extracurricular activity. I am also a bir
musically inclined, as I play both piano and guitar. I have been playing those two instruments
for 13 years and won various awards and competitions. While I sing in my spare time, I haven’t
sung in public or big crowds. This is why by joining the theater program, it will help me sing and
act in public for the first time in my life.
Growing up, I absolutely hated physical fitness. I had an uproar battle with weight and my
metabolism and diet was completely awful. This was part of the reason I was bullied in high
school. However, in the summer of 2017, I decided that change needed to made. I completely
cut out all sugars and processed foods for an entire 2 months, only eating cooked foods with
lots of protein and less carbs. Later, I signed up at my local YMCA and created my own
organized workout plan. I started off with simple aerobic exercises and gradually worked my
way towards using weights and cardiovascular equipment. By working out almost 2 hours a day
for two months, I was able to lose 55 pounds of fat in me. But while I lost weight, I wasn’t
consistent with going to the gym. I had a terrible mindset that since I’m fit now, I don’t have to
have that discipline. By the end of junior year, I was disgusted and disappointed in myself that I
didn’t achieve any goals I set out for myself fitness wise. I then decided to use...

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