Ten Things I Hate About You Character Development English Class Essay

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Names : Louisa Malepotane
Surnames : Diale
Student Number s : D9PGN5JL8
Module : SSEN102
Assessment : One
Assignment Tittle : Ten things I hate about you
Submission Date : 27 March 2019
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10 things I hate about you is a classical teenage romance film by Gil Junger. It is about a protagonist young lady Katherine Stradford who is an independent, confident and intelligent girl who stands for her words and actions, released in 1999. This essay will discuss Kat’s development as a character throughout the film, specific reference will be made to how Kat’s relationship with Patrick, emphasizing both aggressive and vulnerable sides of her character and referring to specific scenes in the film to substantiate the points made.
Katherine Stadford who is called Kat in the film is first introduced to us as a shrew, much more of a character that is unique as well. Although in the play, we discover that Kat really hates joey because he toyed with her emotions; maybe this adds more to her character as bitter and unapproachable girl. This is shown where she tells Bianca how she had sex with joey at the freshmen due to peer pressure and she got dumped afterwards and since then promised to never do something just because others do so “just once! Right after mom left. Everyone was doing it so I did it, afterwards I told him I didn’t want to do it again because I wasn’t ready and he got pissed and he dumped me. After I swearer I’ll never do anything just because everyone is doing it and I didn’t ever since” said Kat.
Her character is also shifted to being rude and antisocial because according to Bianca as she talks to Cameron, she explain how Kat used to be popular and outgoing “she used to be popular and social but somehow she got tired of it” said Bianca, the music at the beginning of the film as it shows Kat also explain how she does not care about what people think of her as it is an angry and loud type of music.
We meet Kat as indifference from the play at the begging which shows that her past life with joey at to her character being developed into her being a stubborn and a proud self-guarded, mean character. This did not only change her perception about boys or men generally but it also affected both her character outlook and judgment of life as a whole. This shows more when she has no interest in any men thereafter nor being social in any kind yet she is so proud of who she is as it makes her feel good when people are afraid of her, for example she has only one friend ( Mandela), even at the beginning of the play she is shown as an outspoken...

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