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There have been no other trials in American history like the trials of the Scottsboro boys; they have been tried, convicted, reversals and retrials, for the alleged rape of Victoria Price and Ruby Bates.On March 25, 1931 four black teenagers hopped on the Southern Railroad's Chattanooga to Memphis freight, in hope of finding a job with the government, hauling logs. While on the train the met up with five other black teens from various parts of Georgia. On the same train where four whites, two males and to females, all dressed in overalls. While the white boys were crossing over the top of a car, a white boy had accidentally stepped on the hand of a black boy, Haywood Patterson. A rock fi ...view middle of the document...

They had showed their incompetence in many ways. They both had agreed to let all of the defendants be tried together, regardless that the youngest of the boys had been twelve, whose name was Roy Wright. The prosecution was the one to stand up and say that the boys had to be tried in groups of two or three, because the prosecutor thought that it may cause a reversible error. The cross examination of Victoria Price only lasted mere minutes, the examining doctors were not cross examined at all, Ruby Bates was not asked about contradictions between her statement and that of Victoria Price. The defense attorney only offered up the defendants as witnesses, six of the boys, ( Andy Wright, Willie Roberson, Charles Weems, Ozie Powell, Olen Montgomery, and Eugene Williams), all denied raping or seeing the girls on the train.When the second trial was underway, the roar outside of the courthouse, told the defendants that the jury had found a guilty verdict. When the trials were over eight of the nine boys were convicted and sentenced to death.The cases were appealed to the United States Supreme Court and they were issued some new trials on the basis of that they didn't have competent counsel. ( Powell v. Alabama)The boys had spent two years on death row, in the middle of the Depression, so the conditions that they had to deal with on a daily basis were to say the least horrid. Ironically two years to the date, the day that they had to be executed they boys had heard and watched another man die in the electric chair. The boys had watched another man being led to the chamber, and through that unsound proof walls, they could hear what was being done to him and listened to that inmate die. Once or twice a week they were allowed out of their cells, handcuffed, and walked a few yards to the shower. As their trial date approached they were moved to the Decatur jail, a rat infested facility that was declared unfit for white prisoners.Haywood Patterson was the first to go on trial again, and again Victoria Price was on the witness stand, and again she was only cross examined for a few minutes by the defense attorney. The boys were able to obtain a new defense attorney by the name of Samuel Liebowitz. The defense attorney that the boys had this time was merciless, he had stated that their was no Callie Brochie boardinghouse in Chattanooga, and the she was a adulterer who had relations with a man two days earlier, and it was Jack Tillers semen (or Orville Gilleys) that was found in her vagina, that day. Mr. Leibowitz also proved that the witness was a prostitute, she was neither crying, bleeding, after the alleged gang rape. Price had remained sarcastic, and evasive and venomous, throughout the cross examination.Dr. R.R.Bridges, the doctor that examined the girls in Scottsboro, less than two hours after the rape. He did confirm that there was semen in the vaginas of the two girls, and that they both appeared to be calm, composed and free of bleeding and vagi...


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4498 words - 18 pages misdemeanor, for instance, to community service as to divert him or her from the criminal justice system into the community. Based on social contract theory, criminal justice professionals have been given a certain authority and power by the government, as its agents, to protect the public for the better of society. Which sets them apart from the general public as they are armed with the responsibility to guard the public; criminal justice

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2476 words - 10 pages forms the basis of the preliminary hearing. Probable Cause Hearing Term used in some jurisdictions for a preliminary hearing to show cause to a trial. Courtroom Work Group The phrase used to indicate that all parties in the adversary process work together in a cooperatively to settle cases with the least amount of effort and conflict. Crime Control Perspective A model of criminal justice that emphasizes the control of dangerous offenders and the

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2895 words - 12 pages approved process, which could be used in order to assess the soundness of a profiler report and educate investigators and reduce their naivety, which could lead to less 'tunnel vision' and decrease the probability of a miscarriage of justice occurring.Youngs and Canter (2003) state that " 'investigative psychology' (IP) is the framework for the integration of a diverse range of aspects of psychology into all areas of criminal and civil investigation

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1049 words - 5 pages Court came about this reason for two key reasons: it did not coincide with the fourth and fourteenth amendments of the Constitution. Justice Clack made these ideas clear in his opinion when he said "The ignoble shortcut to conviction left open to the state tends to destroy the entire system of constitutional restraints on which the liberties of the people rest. Having once recognized that the right to privacy embodied in the Fourth amendment is

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2899 words - 12 pages Jim Crow and the Criminal Justice System Afroam 236 5/9/18 Although the Jim Crow era has long passed, African Americans are still strongly affected by it today. During the Jim Crow era, African Americans were forced into a second-class citizenship that intentionally put them at a great disadvantage. Jim Crow was a system of laws, customs and policies that worked to discriminate against African Americans in nearly every form of social, economical

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1376 words - 6 pages Long Ni Ko CJ 102 – G2 (Criminology) on Tuesday Professor Elizabeth Bartels, Ph. D. May 1st, 2012 Criminology Term Paper The Tragedy at Columbine High School Ever since the school shooting that happened at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, it has caught the attention of many Americans from all over the United States. High school shootings and other kinds of school violence have been plaguing America for a very long time now. School

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1613 words - 7 pages the western society but to impose a more or less traditional way of living was not easy. Although, Canada is a country that is vastly multicultural, social justice is understood to provide equal opportunities and privileges to everyone in society. In this essay, I will be arguing how personal cultural beliefs and parental standards make it hard for first Indian-Canadian generations like myself to thrive in the western society. Firstly, I will

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1129 words - 5 pages only strived for personal gain. They would say or promise anything but it was completely baseless, they would only say it for convenience. Marcello promises vows to his wife, and leads her to believe it is real. These themes are also shown when Marcello allows Anna to be brutally murdered, and seems to be unaffected by the event. However, not surprisingly, The Conformist has a strong theme of conformity caused by social pressure or social norms

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1168 words - 5 pages Explain why the adversary system of trial is the best system for achieving justice in criminal trials?The adversary system of trial is the best system for achieving justice in criminal trials for a number of different reasons. The use of a jury, the standard of evidence relied upon and the standard of proof, the cross-examining of witnesses and the ability to plead guilty, contribute greatly to reaching justice in the adversary system. They are

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2460 words - 10 pages . Criminal law is not only for the punishment of the criminal but it also protects the offender. The main reason that criminal law is so important is because it keeps our community safe. (Moore, J. L., & Worrall, J. L. 2018) Criminal law is very complex and broad it applies to all criminal justice every in the field like the courts, police, corrections. When it comes to criminal law there are different types of laws, and each law can apply to

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1248 words - 5 pages adolescent’s choices. The intention of this paper is to find out to what extent negative peer pressure becomes a risk factor for adolescents to commit crimes. Peer pressure can create troubling social problems for an adolescent. An example of this is when a child develops “the copycat syndrome” (Esiri 10). This syndrome, as described by Dr. Esiri, is when “a child desires the same kind of toys, wears the same kind of clothes, eats the same kind of

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590 words - 3 pages , upon entering they find the skeleton of a man and believed it to be Homer Barron. “A Rose for Emily” would have been very different had Faulkner chosen to write it in her perspective rather than the townspeople’s point of view. Readers would have gained insight into Emily’s strange behaviors but readers would not have gotten the outside view from the townspeople. Had it been in Emily’s perspective, the reader would have come to learn what was

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1707 words - 7 pages responsibility to initiate with the teacher about such circumstances. Acquiring Make-Up Work · Students are responsible for looking into missed assignments after an absence. Students are also responsible for acquiring the missing work. All previous assignments will be in a three ring binder labeled “Absent” in my room. · Upon completing missing assignments, students must turn them into the basket on my bookcase labeled “Late Work.” Late homework will be

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598 words - 3 pages Free Yves Leveille 0297757 Per 50H30 Ms. Norris 02/19/2018 Goals Essay Before coming to Georgia Military College, I would call myself a lost child. My mom and dad had invested so much money into my education and would even rub the fact that the other five siblings of mine graduated high school and college with high honors. I’ve spent the last year looking at myself from within trying to figure who I am. One career choice that has caught my

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2201 words - 9 pages and la nina are special wind patterns Anthropogenic - Caused by humans 1. Climate is long term trends while weather is current 2. It drastically changes temperature to the point where places that get more have warmer climates and when one part of the earth gets more sun then the seasons will change 3. Pierre is closer to water which makes it so the climate fluctuates less because waters temperature changes less while toronto is not near water and