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Terminology Used In Chemistry Essay

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Ionization energy: decreases when going down the group because when going down the group the number of shells around the atomic radius increases and the outer electrons become weakly attracted by the nucleus.As you go to the rite the no. Of neutrons in the nucleus (+) charged particles increases. This pulls the electrons towards the nucleus. Therefore making it more difficult to remove the electrons.Electro-positively: increases down the group e.g. Potassium is more electropositive that sodium and decreases along the period from left to the right.Electro-negatively: decreases down the group and increases along the periods from left to right.Metallic character: going down the group the metallic ...view middle of the document...

Reduction (redactant): is the removal of oxygen from a substance, the addition of hydrogen to a substance, the addition of electrons to a substance.Oxidizing agent: is a substance which adds oxygen from another substance, removes hydrogen to another substance, removes electrons to another substance.Oxidation: (oxidant) is the addition of oxygen to a substance, the removal of hydrogen from a substance, the removal of oxygen from a substance.Bonding: the process whereby two atoms are joint together to form one atom.Bond: the process whereby a strong force of attraction holding the atoms together.Ionic bonding: is the type of bonding formed between 2 atoms or more after one of them loses electrons and the other gains electrons.Convent bonding: is the electrostatic force of attraction between non-metallic atoms.Crystals: a solid that has a regular polyhedral shape. Crystals of the same substance grow so that they have the same angles between their faces e.g. sugar, diamond, salt etc.Crystallite substance: is a substance, which forms crystals.Crystallization: a process of forming crystals from liquid to gas.Lattice: is a regular arrangement of particles in a crystalline solid.Metallic bonding: is the electrostatic force attraction between neighboring metallic ions, it is formed as of the formation of a sea of decolized electrons.Ionic (electrovalent): is the electrostatic force of attration between metallic ions and non-metallic ions.Ductility and metabolite: metals are double and methable because they have a loosely packed layers which can slide over each other without breaking more bonds that are made.

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