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Week 1: Important Terms, People, Concepts, and Themes From Joel Kupperman, Six Myths About the Good Life:
Pleasure vs. happiness Pleasure is short-lived, specific to an object, thing, or experience. Happiness can be long lasting "flow" experiences a mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment Hedonic treadmill constantly seeking more and more pleasure From The Roots of Ayurveda (Dominik Wujastyk, translator) Three ambitions Will to life Drive to prosperity Aspiration to the world beyond Three pillars Food Sleep Chaste life Three sources of disease Overuse, underuse, and abuse of the senses Overuse, underuse, and abuse of action Overuse, underuse, and abuse of time From "Confucious" (Jeffrey Riegel):

Jian ai
"Six arts"
Seeking the Good Life From Hesse:

laughing river
The River was the source that led Siddhartha to find his enlightenment (after seeing his reflection). Despite his thoughts of killing himself, Sid listens to the river and hears Om Govinda Siddhartha's best friend; he becomes a follower of Buddha and encounters Sid but doesn't recognize him. The Way Within The Interior of Yourself describes the path that Hesse took for the core of the book Four Noble Truths 1. Life is suffering 2. Suffering is caused by desires 3. Eliminate desires and follow the eightfold path 4. To eliminate suffering we must eliminate desires atman The thing Sid seeks to understand the innermost essence of what is really inside, wants to fast to get rid of "self" so only atman is left Samsara The cyclical path where one lives, suffers and dies. Sid thinks of this as a game he doesn't want to play anymore. Nirvana, The state of being that, is absolutely perfect that is reached after enlightenment. Sid's goal in life is to achieve this.

1st spiritual group that Sid and Govinda joined; believed in rejection of bodily Kamala A courtesan who instructs Siddhartha in the art of physical love. Gautama Buddha was an ascetic and sage, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded.

ferryman with whom Siddhartha lives for the last third of the novel From Maze:






From Brown:


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