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Review and Selection of Standardized Test
Bianca Odoms
Capella University
My goal is to obtain my Masters’ Degree in Psychology with specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis. Once I do everything to get certified in BCBA I will be on road to making difference in the black community. I always had the passion to helping others and enjoyed working with children. But for the longest I could not figure out what I really wanted to do with these two passions of mines, until fellow teacher mention ABA therapy and thought it would sound like something, I would be interested in. After doing research on ABA therapy I found that it can be do in many different settings: center based, Clinic or Hospital, in home, school, and government setting. Currently, I do not work with children face to face anymore, but previously I worked as special education teacher and child specialist for domestic violence shelter. I have seen everything from developmental delays, self- injuries, injuries of others, and behavior problem in all age groups. My goal is to take what I have learned for ABA and all the coping strategies, and put it into use in both school and clinic setting in low income neighborhoods to help people become the best version of themselves to live the life that they want.
The three test I have choosing to analyze to the best of my abilities is Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF), Connors 3,and Behavior Assessment System for Children-3 (BASC-3).. Each one of these tests can be use from children of all ages. As a first-time mom I found myself constantly worrying about my child development. So, these tests spark an interest to me because of personal and professional reasons. With this new information I can add it to my skills and knowledge I already gained over the years of working with children to my future career as Applied Behavior Analyst.
Element One
As educator and future applied behavior analyst try to figure out ways to measure test to help students/clients can sometime be difficult. The Joint Committee of Testing Practice Code (2004), stated that element one code was to: “Providing evidence to the test measure, the recommended uses, the intended test takers, and the strength and limitations of the test, including the level of precision of the test scores”. (BRIEF) was created by the Psychological Assessment Resource, Inc. The assessment is most popular in both adult and children, with ages ranging from 18 to 90 years old. The reason BRIEF was created was to help setup ways to make treatment plans that best suited children that was impaired of executive function but help them with establishing self-regulation. Children who had executive function deficits showed that suffer for different types of disorders. These disorders include learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, and other neurologically or psychiatric disorder. The BRIEF assessment can be completed by parents or teachers...

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