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Jon Doe
Professor Rudolph Tinker
GOVT 2306
5 October 2017
The current Texas constitution features are the similarity of the original document of 1876. Since the first signing and emplacement of these rules, newer amendments were put into place to further the Texas Constitution to a new age of governing. It’s stated that the old draft “incorporated protection for various private interests” (pg 46). Not too many would argue with a hidden agenda to the people that impose these laws. Why not make it beneficial to those that can benefit from it. This is how “big business” is always the key words when elections come around, or when talked about being taxed.
The influences that were critical in the structure and powers of the government that were created in the final document were the fact they were outdated. It was said the original draft was “poorly organized”, (pg 47) and drew a vague understanding of responsibility. There is not a much stronger influential need to see you are still living in the past. In the 21st century if your documents are still stating the use of your slaves. It might be time to revise the current laws. There are laws considered deadwood. These laws will never again be enforced. I can only imagine what they were. Maybe something like no beating of your spouse on the day of the lord, and Tuesdays.
The differences between the Texas Constitution and the U.S Constitution are the controlling factions. The reserved powers to the state in the U.S constitution. The national document is more flexible. The governorship is weak compared to the presidency. Texas court system is complex and considered confusing while the national is fairly simple in relation. Lastly the Texas...

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