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The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell is a book that presents the author’s
expert leadership experiences. Maxwell (2007) presents some valuable insights in the form
of laws that seek to inform a leader and motivate a leader on how to progress successfully.
Thus, some of the laws employed by the author in explicating his leadership experiences
include lid, influence, process, navigation, law of E.F Hutton, solid ground, respect, intuition,
magnetism, connection, empowerment, and magnetism. The author employed these laws to
expound on some insightful experiences such as the law of reproduction that asserts how a
leader is charged with the responsibility of nurturing other leaders. The law further states that
a person who lacks leadership qualities cannot be in a position to facilitate the growth of
juniors to leaders. Thus, this paper presents a personal reflection on the abovementioned
Several leadership concepts appear in the book. Firstly, the author utilizes the law of the lid,
which depicts a leader as been a ceiling. Thus, this indicates that an organization has the
potential to rise as high as a leader believes it can. Secondly, the law of E.F Huffton presents
another leadership concept. Maxwell (2007) utilizes this concept to abound things that make
a person a respected leader such as character, how a person relates with others,
experiences, and previous successes. Lastly, Maxwell (2007) employs the concept of legacy
to indicate how committed a leader ought to be in with his duties. From the concept, it is
evident that an effective leader has to lead by example and not abdicate his roles.
From the book, I learnt that leadership is a process. Thus, I can assert that no one is born a
leader because to become a leader, a person needs seasoning, which is derived from
learning experiences. I also learnt that personal sacrifice plays a significant role for a person
that wants to become an effective leader. Maxwell (2007) asserts that it is essential for a
leader to maintain an attitude...

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