The 21st Century Classroom,Learner And Teacher University Of Fort Hare Essay

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A primary school that is situated in a poor rural area in the Eastern Cape Province. Has about 1 600 learners and 50 teachers. Most classes consist of 60 learners. The school’s environment is exposed to social problems such as teenage pregnancy, violence and unhealthy conditions. This school is in disrepair and it has poor facilities and lacks in terms of physical and educational activities. The facilities in this school are lacking quality, facilities that include classrooms the ceiling board has broken down in some classes and this leads to many problems because noise in other class can bypass through these spaces and chairs are broken. The lighting in this school is also putting learners underprivileged because globes are not working and windows are damaged. The infrastructure is not in a good state such as school buildings, sport fields as a result various sport activities they no longer take place. As well as other resources such as teaching equipment and materials are not in a good condition. The manner of this school has negative impact in learning, teaching and progress of learners in this school.
A typical intermediate phase classroom in 2019 is a primary site where teaching and learning takes place in a school. Initially a classroom has to accommodate both learners and teachers needs. A fully description of a 2019 classroom in terms of desk arrangements. The intermediate phase classroom has an identical desk arrangement which allows learners to sit in straight rows and learners are grouped in small groups for discussions and class presentations. The classroom consists of physical space in which work occurs and rules that are to be followed and obeyed by learners. On the bases on this notion the classroom is clean, safe, comfortable, welcoming and attractive and is able to simulate learning. It is a healthy, productive and inclusive environment for the benefits of all learners.
This intermediate classroom consist of adequate lighting that makes it easy for learners to see things at the front of the class for examples blackboard, demonstration charts, they can read, write and engage in other learning activities. The classroom wall is decorated with learning programmes based on the school’s curriculum. It is rich in terms of resource materials and learning equipment’s of many kinds of books such as information, friction and poetry and it also consist of textbooks, workbooks, hand outs, reference books, crayons, paper cards, pencils, musical instruments, structural apparatus to explore ideas in Science and Mathematics and slide projectors. These learning materials accommodate all subjects in the phase and influences teaching and are suitable for all learners. Learners have access to the learning materials. A 2019 classroom in terms of discipline is well managed. The teachers ensure that learners behave in an appropriate way in the classroom by maintaining good communication and following the teacher’s instructions.
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