The Accident: Personal Narrative College Comp 1 Essay

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Jade Ramsey
Mrs. Gray
English Composition I
27, August 2018
The Accident
January 9, 2010, might have been a normal day for most families, but mine had a terrible turn. The day started out like any normal game day for my family. Saturday for most people meant sleeping in, but we got up at 8 a.m. and made our way to the gymnasium for an early basketball practice before the tournament that started later in the day. After an hour of sitting in the gym watching the boys run through plays until they got it down correctly, we started our journey to Harrison, Arkansas.
Considering we had played in the Harrison Tournament many times before, my mom left before the basketball bus, so we could find us something to eat before the games started due to the fact that the food was expensive at the games, considering it was at a college after all. As we were reaching the city limits my mother asked my sister and me what we would like to eat. Being as my sister was ten and I being eight, both my sister and I exclaimed: “I want McDonald’s because they have the new Alvin and the Chipmunks toys!!” After we finished our meal the bus had not made it to the gym yet, so we stopped at the gas station right before the gym to kill a few minutes before the bus arrived. We entered the gas station and my sister noticed there were some knock-off pillow pets off to the side in a bin. She called for my mom to come over when she reached her asked her if she could have one considering I had received one at Christmas. My mom after a few minutes of debating said yes because she told our grandma that she would want one eventually. After our scavenging around, we saw the bus drive by, and then my mom then stated it was time to leave. We parked and started to get out of the car, but before we headed inside, my sister and I grabbed our Alvin and the Chipmunks toys to play with.
Upon entering the building, we paid the entrance charge and made our way over to where the basketball boys had placed their belongings until it was their turn for the locker room. Mom made her way up the bleachers and about halfway set her bag down. After sitting with mom for a few moments, my sister and I asked if we could go sit at the top of the bleachers near the balcony overlook. The moment she started to shake her head we were already racing up to the top ready to play. After about twenty minutes of playing, I dropped my toy off the side of the bleachers and it fell to the ground. I promptly went and asked mom if I could go retrieve it and mom said, “Yes, but hurry.” When I grabbed my toy I immediately came back up we continued the game where we left off. My sister turned her back to for what seemed like a second to grab something, then I was gone. My sister had searched everywhere when she finally decided to look over the railing on the bleachers. She walked over to the edge and looked down. There I was lying on the concrete floor.
She turned around and told our mom, that I was on the ground, they ran d...


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