The Achieving Children

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The Achieving Children

Setting: The living room/dining room of Jackson's Characters:
Mom- Stefanie Jackson
Dad- Rick Jackson
Brother 1- Jared Jackson
Brother 2- Steven Jackson

Steven and Jared are two brothers from Houston who are high school seniors who aspire to be successful in life as a trauma surgeon and NFL player. However, their parents are not exactly encouraging as they always put them down and abuse alcohol. They work together at the local diner as a cook and waitress. They barely make enough to get by and they spend most of their checks on alcohol. Their parents always tell them to be more realistic and tell them they are not smart/talented enough to reach those dreams.

The two brothers come home from high school to witness their parents passed out on the sofas with empty bottles of liquor on the floor.
They wanted to explain to their parents what they wanted to do in life.
Jared wants to become a trauma surgeon and go to medical school, while Steven wants to attend Alabama University and play for Nick Saban.
They attempt to wake up their parents but they woke up in a horrible mood and with a hangover.

Scene 1: The dream begins Jared: Mom. Dad.
Rick: *mumbles then opens eyes* What? What do you want?
Stefanie: *opens eyes* *Talks while yawning* Why are y'all home so late?
Rick: At least we didn't have to deal with them nagging us.
Rick and stefanie: *looks at both boys for explanation* Steven: Remember I told y'all before we left to catch the school bus that I had practice and Jared was going to stay and do homework while I practiced.
Jared: You guys should know that already since Steven has been playing since freshman year.
Rick: You better quit with that attitude before I go over there and teach you a lesson.
Stefanie: Yeah. You boys need to learn some respect.
Jared: Respect? What do you know about respect? All y'all do is come home drunk and drink more. On top of that you treat Steven and I like slaves.
Steven: *grabs Jared's shoulder* Enough man, it's okay.
Stefanie: Why did you wake us up? To complain and whine? We don't care that you're home.
Steven: We thought we should tell you at least, even if you claim you don't care.
Jared: Come on man. Let's just go to our room.
Scene 2: First notice Steven and Jared: *Wake up at the sound of the alarm* Steven and Jared: *head downstairs to grab a bite before school* Steven: *while walking down the hall* Are you sure you want to tell them right now?
Jared: Yes, now is as good of a time as ever since the day barely started and this is as sober as they're going to be.
Steven: Alright.
Steven and Jared: *enter the dining room* Jared: Hey mom.
Steven: Hey dad.
Rick and Stefanie: *gives them dirty look* Steven: Well, we wanted to talk to y'all about something serious.
Rick: Nothing you say could be of any importance whatsoever.
Steven: *looks down at the floor displaying hurt* Jared: Well, we wanted to talk to y'all about...

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