The Affects Of Volcanism Amongst The Land University Of Maine/Science Research Paper

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Volcanoes are one of the most beautiful landscapes in Earth’s geographical features, however, they could be very dangerous when eruption occurs. There are many volcanoes in the United States, ranging from Alaska to Hawaii where most of the eruptions transpires. No one knows a volcano is going to truly erupt but there are signs. Scientists has concluded the signs of an eruption could be characteristics such as fuming gases on the top of the volcano or swelling. When volcanoes erupt they ooze out lava that builds underground (magma) in a chamber-like environment. These eruptions could cause a lot of damage due to pyroclastic spewing upward and outward also the lava flow from the volcanoes. Lava flows could spread across the landscape far, damaging anything in its path. The longest recording of a lava flow comes from the Hawaiian island of Mauna Loa which lava extended 51 feet centimeters from the vent to the ocean. Lava flows move more slowly but there are different characteristics of them. These different kind of lava flows will be described in each volcano and how each volcano formed in the region they are in. One of the volcanoes that will be discussed is the Langila located in New Britain which is still active till this day and has its own four volcanic cones. Langila is one of the most still active volcanoes in Britain consisting of multiple eruptions and tourists come from miles to see the great landform. Another volcano that will be described is the Taal in the Philippines; it is the second active volcano in the Pacific Ocean. Inside the volcanic environment there is a lake called the Taal Lake that tourists must cross to see the amazing landform. Even climbers could be seen attempting to begin at the base of the volcanic island. Finally, the Lassen Peak (Mount Lassen) volcano, located in the United States, that has not erupted since the year 1917 and is the southernmost active volcano in the U.S. These few volcanoes not only differ in location but also, they differ in lava flow, structure, eruptions, and more. Interesting facts about the volcanoes will hopefully turn the reader into more of a “hot head” than before.
Although Taal, located in the Philippines, may be the smallest of the three volcanoes however it is the deadliest. The general location of the volcano is in the Philippines, but it is a bit more complicated than that. Taal is the only volcano known to be within a lake within a volcano. Complicated as it sounds, its general location is more rather used than adding the complex details. Moreover, the Taal volcano is only 1,000 feet tall but as stated before it is one of the deadliest in the world. Its eruptions has taken over a thousand lives since the late 1700s and have been increasing since then. These eruptions are called Pelean-type. Pelean-type is a sort of volcanic eruption that has vicious magma and dangerous pyroclastic flow. Inside the volcanic region, the Taal caldera is surrounded by Taal Lake which depth is...

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