The American Dream... Is It Possible? - 2019 - Essay

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Jake Christensen
Mrs. Hunt
English 11
17 May 2018
Life only works if you do
The American Dream is something everyone moving here or migrating here
dreams of achieving. It is a thought, visualization of prospering and achieving
everything you have ever wanted like Jay Gatsby did. This dream is know to be
subject to a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. This dream doesn't happen
overnight but people come in hopes of it actually happening verses it not in their
originating country. Life only works if you do.
In this world I feel like most people think everything will just be handed to them. This
is only the case for a very very small percentage of the population like the people in
East egg in the book “Great Gatsby”. If you want the dream of being free financially
and spiritually then you need to put in the work. The only person that really cares
about your success is yourself and it's your responsibility to. You can't expect people
to come up to you and give it to you for free you need to put in the late nights and
early mornings like everyone else who made it to the top without and help.
The American dream has been pronounced dead by people all around the globe. I
believe this is further from the truth as ever. Previously when the american dream
came about it was all about climbing the corporate ladder and it eventually worked

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