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English 1301 Essay #1 Storm
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George Storm
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I have always heard and told good things about the American culture, but I was tired of hearing the stories and I wanted to experience it myself. I always thought that the American life was easy and friendly. Events started to unfold as soon I landed foot in the USA. Culture shock at its best became overwhelming when I realized that I have all along been feed with lies.
On my way out, I saw few black people and I thought that they were from my country because they had my color skin. I tried to speak to some, but they only cared about no one’s business but their own. That doesn’t normally happen in my country that you cannot ask a brother how his day is going so far. I never knew anything about race and racism since we were all black in my country.
After a few weeks of staying in the US, I saw that most people drive rather than use public transportation. Matter of fact public transport was not available in some counties. Questions ran my minds as I tried to figure out how people who never had cars commuted. I realized also that not only cats and dogs stay inside the house but any kind of pet. I visited my moms friend and she had a pig inside the house. An animal which is supposed to be outside dirty and eating dirt was clean and seated in the house carpet.
The dressing in my country has always portrayed who you really are. In the US, how you dress doesn’t really defy who you really are. My mom introduced me to a church pastor a few blocks from our house and what he had on really made me think how Americans have lost their way of living. He had dreadlocks and earrings and he was supposed to be a man of God, a good role model to the young generation. He said that your physical appearance doesn’t really matter., All that is in the heart, mind, and soul is what that matters to the society.
Ignorance has no defense and the fact that I had all these misconceptions! I had a hard time embracing the culture but a really good experience because I’m learning more. Had and still have a lot of questions but they are all answered as I learn more about the culture. I came to learn that’s the American way which most of the countries out there are trying to copy and make it their own.
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