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The caste system has already existed for over 35 centuries to this day, and unlike any other nation in the world, the class system in India is socially acceptable to this day. In India, the people who have power to eradicate caste discrimination and inequalities, the higher caste members, gain natural privileges in the expenses of the loss of natural privileges in the lower castes; which most of the higher caste members want to keep. The majority of the higher caste members believe that the caste system gives the chaotic nation a social structure, and that they are religiously obligated to follow the caste system; making the caste system to socially last to this day.
The caste system, and class discrimination is legally inexistent in India, but still exists in the society. The lowest caste Shudraas and the untouchables, aka. Dalits, out of the 4 classes, Brahmins, Kshatryas, Vaishyas, and Shudras,( The untouchables are considered too ritually polluting towards the caste system) are being exploited and treated with harsh inequalities and discrimination. The lower caste members are treated with discrimination, by not being allowed to marry to people of other castes. The lower caste members are also being exploited, by having to work on manual labor with minimum wages or less. The Dalit’s lifestyles are full of humiliation, deprivation, unwelcoming experiences, and a lack of joy; due to a hierarchy that they have to fault to.
In India, the higher caste members such as the Bhramins have control over the major companies and governmental decisions, giving them the power to control caste inequalities.The Bhramins have over the major companies and governmental decisions, making the companies and governments run on a biased hiring basis. The Bhramims control all of the fortune companies in India, and all of governmental decisions are based off on Bhramins and Vastatriyas. The government and the major companies in India are responsible for purposely not giving the lower caste members a position because of their caste.This clearly shows that the lower caste members and the untouchables are not given a position in the nation’s political actions or innovation. Modern decisions have been made to give the lower caste members a position the the nation’s political actions, but very few positions have been given.
The Bhramins are continuously allowing other Bhramins and higher caste members to work at major workplaces, making the caste that people were born into decide their career.Some schools in India don’t allow certain castes to be enrolled in their schools, since the lower castes are unable to obtain properties near the school areas.Since the lower caste members aren’t able to get the quality education that the higher caste members get, they are unable to work at major workplaces.
Since they are unable to enroll in such schools, they are unable to work in governmental offices.
Since the higher caste members control major workplaces, their biased nat...


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