The Angel Of Death, Twins In The Holocaust Being Used By Dr Mengele English Short Story English

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Angel of Death
Agi tugs on my dress, we both smile at each other as an SS guard grips his large muscular hands around our fragile bones. Our excitement poured out like sunshine through fine white linen. We were finally going to be free. The tall high-reaching creature drags us through the horrid camp and finally, we end at a brick-built building guarded by soldiers.
“A10562! A10563! you’re here at last!” Dr Mengele pleasingly comes out from under the shadows. Agi and I look at each other in fear. “Don’t be scared, you’re finally home.”
“Uncle Mengele, that’s what you can call me.” His words crawl through the air and shiver down my spine. I take Agis hand, we all stand in pin drop silence. He throws something at Agi and I from across the room. “What’s this” I whisper, hoping he can’t hear me. I try and read what it says but I don’t understand German. Remembering Agi took a class last year at school, I squeeze her hand but no response is given back to me. A look of horror was printed on her blistered face.
I open the packet that had been thrown at me and peer inside. “Eat it” a voice mutters from the far corner of the room. I bring the foreign object to my chapped untasteful lips. The sweet sensation melts in my mouth bursting with delicious flavours, I turn to look at Agi, her face is as bright as a Hanukah Candle.
Walking through the shower room with bleach tingling my nostrils, shower cubicles to myself and running crystal-clear water. I feel as if I’m dreaming. The water drips down my side, everything on my mind turns into a foggy illusion. I quickly slip into my new dress that Dr Mengele demanded us to wear and scurry through the...

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