The Arrival Story Of A Girl Who Learn English And Migrant To Another Country - Class - Essay

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B) The arrival Chapter 3
Fits of cool breeze sway around my cheek and I feel something lick my quilt. When I wake in
slumber, I saw an adorable creature which has a quilt long tongue, a sharp and round body with
four smallish foots. Meanwhile, I become the master of it and named it PangPang, then I get up.
在Faintly, I observe an enormous ship that is the transportation to take me to another unacquainted
city, flies in the sky. I quickly get up and take go to take a shower, while shaving. Then, I pack up all
of my luggage and it's so excited to dress up in my new business suit in order to giver the
interviewer a better impression. After tidy up, I took my pet, some changes, and a map to find a
station where sell the ship tickets. I gently open the map which is complicated that makes me too
difficult to understand, even the unknown words. " what an obnoxious map!How can I find the tick
station?" I'm quite disappointed roaming on the crowed street. Suddenly, I hear about a young girl
who speaks the same language as me, I rapidly run to ask her about the ticket station.The girl
passionate to explain me about how to buy a tick. It's so proud and passionate.
After that, I get on the airship and saw the person who shake hands to the people on the ship.
Suddenly, I my family pass through my mind that makes me so sensitive to cry. Hope they are well
in the disaster. When I got on the ship, I'm quite severe and tense to find my seat cause there
heaps of unknown words that I can't understand on the indicator. Apparently, I saw an Asian girl
who sit next to me. I'm not too sure that we can speak the same language, but I still want to have a
try. I'm very anxious to demonstrate my refugee visa, because I'm quit afraid of the discrimination.
Nevertheless, It's quite surprise that the asian girl is the refugee as well. Suddenly, I aware that I've
never gain the satisfaction and belonging like that at the moment. The mysterious girl emotionally
express her miserable experience in her homeland. The girl used to live in an industrial area which
has mass of heavy industry factories, and most of the people in her country are back. Therefore,
she is always discriminated by the persons with black. Moreover, She also doesn't her own name
since she escape from her land. Yellow people is an ignoble nation in her country and they can't
have their identity, even names. This is because yellow people is a very crucial workforce of the
heavy industry and if they have an identity, they will evade to another county where has a
better.However, the nobilities don't want to lose the precious resources of workforce, so they clear
yellow's memories since they were born and confiscate their identity that their parents gave them.
In addition, the dates of the people's identities are all collected by county's administration's office.
Thus, it's highly formidable to get the identity from the office. The girl in front of me is called
Wenyan, she is obviously a yellow person who u...

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