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Mary Bose
Wilmington University
Bullying 2
During this paper, I’ll explain the effect on short term and long term bullying has on students. Also, what one school district is doing so that help students by creating a bully prevention plan and the steps that must be followed and the requirements that are needed to stop bullying.
The efforts made to enhance social integration create a safe and supportive learning environment for students. All fifty states have anti-bullying legislation and while there is no federal legislation that directly addresses bullying, there are times that bullying and discriminatory harassment overlap when it is based on race, national origin, color, sex, age, disability, or religion.(United States Department of Health, 2018). Bullying is a very negative and creates major problems for our youth which can change their lives which could be short term or even have long term effects.
The impact of bullying can be serious and lead to emotional responses from depression and abandonment as short term effects. On the other hand, the long term effect can lead to suicidal thought or even actions. (Hurley, 2018) We must take action to stop bullying and make students understand the repercussion of their action and how hurtful it really can be. With the relational aggression on the rise and cyberbullying easier than ever with the increase in technology era that we are now intertwine in, it should be noted that bullying can be ongoing for long periods of time before a student seek help from a parent or teacher .While It can be hard to empathize with a bullying, professional and parents must realize that bullies engage in this behavior for a reason. Without any help this behavior it will not stop and can become worst overtime.
The best intervention for bullying is prevention is to focus on the bystanders who are aware of the bullying is occurring and may feel that they cannot tell anyone because they will become the next target. It is always important to explain to students if they see someone being bullied that they let someone know. Also another way to help parents can help with prevention is having friends and supportive people around students who may be targeted. Bullies often leave children alone who have a solid group of friends and supportive people.
The Smyrna School District as...

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