The Beatles:The Best Band That Ever Lived

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The Beatles deserve the reputation as the best band that ever lived! Every album they released produced a number one hit in England, United States, or both. With their incredible voices, good looks, and musical talent, they dazzled people everywhere. From 1964 to 1970 they sold more records than anyone in previous history!The success of the Beatles must have only been driven by fate. John Lennon, the lead singer for the Beatles, was always a trouble maker throughout high school. He was frequently skipping school and had a record of petty stealing. Luckily, John Lennon was a very good artistic drawer. His Aunt Mimi was responsible for persuading the headmaster at his school to recommend ...view middle of the document...

These two songs easily put them at the top of British charts (Beatles 1). It wasn't until 1963 that the "Beatle craze" began in the United States (Beatles 2). "The Beatles kicked off its first U.S. tour with a live performance in New York City on The Ed Sullivan Show, one of the most watched events in television history, with 73 milion Americans tuning in. Afterwards, the Beatles flew to Miami for a second live performance that also aired on The Ed Sullivan Show" (Rosenberger 1). From that point on, the Beatles' schedule was incredibly busy.The Beatles never had a dull period while they were together as a band. Throughout the 60's the Beatles created such albums as Rubber Soul, Revolver, White Album, and the famous Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band of 1967. The Beatles success continued until their break up in 1970. The group's separation was due to the Beatles' desires to work as solo artists or as bandleaders. Despite the split, the Beatles members continued to keep in touch and stay friends throughout the years (Beatles 2)Tragically only two of the four Beatles members remain today (Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr). On December 8...


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802 words - 4 pages the 23rd of February 1872 by order of the Bishop 9 days before he passed away. A year after that Mary travelled to Rome to seek approval of the rules written by Father Woods. In 1874 Mary returned home on the 24th of December with 15 irish applicants, which were nuns wanting to join Mary’s order. A year later, in 1875, Mary was elected Superior General for St Joseph’s institute. Moving on 6 years later, in 1881, Mary was then re elected Superior

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1290 words - 6 pages Wright 1Mackenzie Wright3 November, 2014WarrenEnglish"Hotel California"There is a lot of discrepancy over the meaning of the song "Hotel California". This song is known by many of one of the greatest of all time. It comes in at least the top ten best songs ever written on numerous lists on the internet, and countdowns on television. The song was widely loved but also criticized, most likely due to its popularity when released in 1977; winning

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2530 words - 11 pages group the Crickets. By that summer they were the Silver Beatles, settling on the Beatles in August. That month the Beatles left for Hamburg, West Germany, with their new drummer Pete Best, to try to establish themselves in Europe. The band became a popular local act, performing at various clubs until they were expelled from the country in November because George Harrison was underage. The Beatles returned to Germany in early 1961 to record as a

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2585 words - 11 pages On July 7th, 1940, in a poor and rough working-class section of Liverpool known as "the Dingle," Richard Starkey Jr. (a.k.a. Ringo Starr) was born to his proud parents, Richard Starkey Sr. and Elsie Gleave. Ringo would later go on to become the drummer for world-renowned British rock band, the Beatles, as their drummer, a job that most certainly fit him well. He turned out to be an excellent drummer for the group, never overshadowing the

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943 words - 4 pages Biederman. After working in New York, Mr. Biederman moved to Atlanta, where for 3-4 years he worked with baby rock bands in a two-lawyer firm. In Atlanta, he worked for Alan Katz (one of the best music attorneys in the nation) and then moved to Nashville where he has lived and practiced law for the past four years. During his talk to the class, Mr. Biederman spoke about the many different aspects of his job. He described the process of "cradling

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334 words - 2 pages Free , but it isn’t anything that a band-aid can’t fix. At the end of the day, we are all really worn-out, so we usually make dinner over the scorching fire. Believe it or not, camping food is some of the best food ever. I like to go down to the river at night, lay on a rock and just stare at the stars. It can be very romantic, listening to the water stream past us as if it could go on forever. That is the most comforting, soothing place to be in

"For Whom The Bell Tolls" And Ernest Hemingway

2436 words - 10 pages at the guerrilla's hideout in the mountains. Pablo, the guerrilla leader, resents the fact that a foreigner has come to run the show for awhile. It puts Pablo in an inferior position where he is no longer the spokesman of the group. Irony is a major theme in this novel and is illustrated frequently in the thoughts and actions of its characters. Pablo is interested only in the safety of himself and his band and Jordan's military plans are of

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1927 words - 8 pages , one was "Dead Man's Curve," it was recorded by Jan and Dean. "Cowsills" was another band he wrote songs and produced for.Michael Lang didn't wear shoes very often. A cosmic pixie with a head full of curly black hair that bounced to his shoulders, this is how his friends described him. When Michael was Twenty-three he owned the first head shop in the state of Florida. In 1968, Michael produced one of the biggest rock shows ever, the two day Miami

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635 words - 3 pages Mr. Holland’s character struggle to grow uopthe reasoning that his son won’t ever be able to appreciate music in the same way as him. Before Cole(his son) was diagnosed with 90% hearing loss it shows Mr. Holland playing the piano and having fun with his son was all that he ever wand to do. As the movie proceeds Cole is diagnosed with the hearing loss, Mr. Holland realizes that he will never be able to share his passion for music with is son. Mr

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2571 words - 11 pages dialogue. When analyzing the musical and going “behind the scenes,” so-to-speak, the viewer is actually analyzing the forces behind the creation of the featured album (Armstrong). However, in order to discuss ​American Idiot​, one first has to start with a brief history of the band that created it: Green Day. Before morphing into mainstream modern rock and punk rock, Green Day was mainly part of the underground and undiscovered punk music scene

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786 words - 4 pages a fifty-year old white quartermaster who went by Captain Norval Marley. Growing up Bob lived with his mother and rarely saw his father. Later in his youth, Bob dropped out of school to pursue hi true ambition, music. After dropping out of school Bob Auditioned for a local music entrepreneur called Leslie Kong. Leslie was so impressed with Marley's singing voice that he took him in to the studio to begin recording immediately. Bob linked up

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583 words - 3 pages best city to live in. I can understand why you might want to live in a different city but after this talk you won’t have a doubt in your mind that Halifax is the best city to live in. As someone who has lived has lived in Halifax for 20 years, I can honestly that I can’t imagine living in a different city but if I ever had to move for work or family I know that it would be a big adjustment. Transition : I’m here today to tell you why Halifax is

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926 words - 4 pages of his friends. He loses his immortality as well. He becomes a regular mortal. Clary and Isabelle are heartbroken by this. Clary has lost her best friend and Izzy has lost another person she loves. One day when Izzy, Magnus, and Clary are watching Simon, Clary decides to approach him. She wants him to recognize her. After he says he has no idea who she is, he hands her a flyer for his band. Clary is too upset to look at the flyer. She gives it to Isabelle, who gasps at the sight of it. The name of Simon's band is The Mortal Instruments. This shows irony because despite losing all his memory, Simon somehow still remembers the name of the shadowhunters most prized artifacts.

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406 words - 2 pages French did fire upon an Aboriginal band in February but sailed. He locals could not have known that the arrival of these strange people would lead to the destruction of the Ingenious societies across Australia. They were described as “noble savages’ by the British when they arrived was partially correct as they had not been influenced by other civilizations. Even though there was contact with other civilizations, the ingenious people still had their

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686 words - 3 pages Levan Morales 10/28//2018 English 101 MR. Brandon Kreitler Reading response How does it feel to be black and poor I absolutely loved the reading. I will admit that reading the passage was the best event of my week. This reading changed some of my personal view about an issue. Living in NYC almost 5 years gave me a cultural shock. Within these years I lived with, many different ethnic people, in too many different part ot the city. Which was