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The Benefits Of Technology Upon Training

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There are eight main types of technology that can be adopted within training these are¡K"h High Altitude Training"h Peaking"h Qualitative v Quantitative"h Anaerobic Threshold Training"h Plyometrics"h Isokinetic Conditioning"h Environmental Chambers"h Heart Rate MonitoringI will describe each of these technologic developments in training, incorporating the ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of each method.High Altitude TrainingThe main problem with high altitudes is that there is less oxygen in the air. This doesn't pose a threat for pure anaerobic athletes but for endurance or aerobic athletes this could seriously affect performance. Training at high altitude has many benefits. The first ...view middle of the document...

Megadoses of vitamins are not helpful and are potentially dangerous.Fluids - Because mountain air is cool and dry you can lose a lot of water so be sure to maintain adequate hydration.Alcohol - It is best to avoid alcohol consumption during the acclimatisation period since it appears to increase the risk of "mountain sickness".The main drawback to high altitude training is mountain sickness. Mountain sickness is the name given to a cluster of symptoms that occurs in some individuals after rapid ascent to high altitude. The symptoms of mountain sickness include headache, malaise, and decreased appetite. It is possible to conclude that high altitude training is an excellent way to improve physical endurance and fitness, but it must be handle with great caution, as altitude sickness can be fatal. is a technique in training where a sports persons annual training programme is set out so that they can be at optimum performance at a specific time in the year e.g. Athletes would want to peak for the Olympics. During the peaking phase of an athletes training regime they would decrease the number of training sessions but increase the specificity. For example if Yvonne Murray was trying to peak for the Olympics, usually about 6 weeks before her event instead of just going out and running miles and miles she would concentrate on a part of her race or the whole race for example she could concentrate on her finish.Peaking has many advantages for example is the athlete peaks at the correct time they will almost certainly perform well and maybe beat their personal best. But there are also many drawbacks. If you are a professional footballer you are expected to perform well week in and week out so peaking would be useless for footballers. If you peak too early for and event like the Olympics you may fell tired and get stuck in what is called a trough.Qualitative v QuantitativeThere is a big debate in the sporting world over these two methods of training. Qualitative is a specific training method for you sport e.g. David Beckham could practice free kicks or corners in a training session. He could analyse his technique so that he can become more prolific at shooting the ball, or on the quantitative hand he could just kick free kick after free kick for hours at a time. They say that practice makes perfect but I feel that it depends on what type of practice you do. I believe that qualitative training is far better than quantitative training. Take Dwayne Chambers, for instance, for a training session one-week, Dwayne could practice his starts and his finishes. For the next week Dwayne could just do 100m all the time. I believe that if Dwayne took the more qualitative approach to training he would see far better results and faster times. His whole technique would be able to be broken down and analysed, his coaches would then be able to see where he was going wrongAnaerobic Threshold Training'The anaerobic...

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