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The Best Essay

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Jennifer R. Lewis Freshman Seminar Assignment 0ne Do you love to party, cut loose, or have a good time? During high school, did you spend your four years having carefree fun? Well if so college is not the place for you.College-secondary education after high school, established to further personal growth and career opportunities. Many students believe that college is just like high school but bigger. I'm sure that we all heard the rumors about how college is just one big drunken orgy. But that's only half of the story. Along with the newly given freedom, serious responsibilities are in tow. I'm not trying to imply that college will rob your life of every ounce of joy you posses. In fact college will have an even greater effect on you than high school did. ...view middle of the document...

I also noticed that the students with decent grades had good study habits and were goal orientated, but they also made leisure room in their schedules.Though I had the chance to really see what higher education is like, many haven't the opportunity. To be prepared, it helps you to know what differences lay ahead. Although academic requirements and student life vary depending on the college you attend, there are basic differences that apply in almost every case.Generally, there are fewer rules and regulations imposed in college. Most entering freshman will probably be over 18 years old; they will be treated as adults. As an adult, you will have to make sure you do what you're supposed to do; you will be responsible for the way you live. In college you are free to succeed or to fail. You don't have any one checking up on you and making sure you take care of all your responsibilities.One will be expected to make and stick to his schedule, as well as keep up on all his work. During you time in this institution, you will take on more responsibility for your decisions, actions, and lifestyle. This is part of being on your own. Professors and administrators will probably not give you a hard time about your clothes or your hair. But you should be prepared to be held accountable for your behavior. There is no one to blame for not waking up on time or not studying properly. Most professors do not take attendance in class -- they expect you to be there to learn. And whether or not you learn is your responsibility. After a brief period of adjustment, you should settle into a balanced lifestyle of work and play. Those who can't usually do not make it through their first year. I know it's scary to some. It is like a fish swimming in a little pond their whole life, adjusted and familiar to everything; just to get propelled into a huge alien ocean.So what makes college better than high school? Like my great mother so frequently tells me, "Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet."

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