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In my opinion the summer is the best season for vacation. Summer is warm, it lets to rest all the family, allows to attend places that are not so good in other seasons. Every summer vacation left great impressions and memories. For starters, I think that most of people like warm and clear weather. I do so from my childhood. I like my summer vacation because I can swim, p ...view middle of the document...

If I do not have a summer vacation I would be sitting in stuffy office. Why must I spend this precious time on my work? Next, in summer I can spend more time with my little kids because they have a vacation too and it is not optional. Moreover, I can not find enough time for my family during the rest of the year. So the summer is perfect for me to acquit. For example, we have already planned to go to the sea this summer and prepared for it thoroughly. I think the vacation with family is one of the best ways of rest. Finally, I want to say that the summer is good time to travel by car. I am from Russia and we have a severe weather all the seasons except the summer. Therefore, we try to use this time in maximum. For instance, last summer I rode about the entire Black Sea coast. So I have great memories this winter which warm me up. To sum up, I assert that summer is the best time for vacations. Summer holidays are unforgettable for their warm weather, unique experience and chance to be with my family entirely.


Paper On One Summer in Flyoverland

276 words - 2 pages Book Review"It was a murder. The time and place was relaxing. The event was unimaginable. And my best friend and I were smack dab in the middle of all of it. It was our destiny. It would shape our lives." Said Max Scanlan in the story One Summer in Flyoverland that is a murder mystery placed in Hibbing Minnesota in 1966. It is strongly written, and it has a lot of feeling that makes you feel like your actually their. Max Scanlan and Charlie

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761 words - 4 pages know that if there was anyone who would get my reading intact, she should allow me to do it with her. She would be the best person to get me back in line every time. I was eight years old and promoting to the third-grade on this summer vacation. My second-grade teacher informed my mother that I was not doing very well with reading. She didn’t require summer school but highly recommended that I go. My mother decided that this summer, I would be

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417 words - 2 pages cut the education budget by ten percent this year. As a result, we here at St Louis have cut the summer term classes. Nearly 500 students graduate each year from St Louis and most of our students were high school drop outs. With their hard work and determination, we help them get to the next chapter in their life. Since we are not able to offer summer course this term, a large portion of our students will not be able to graduate. The students put

Tanabata: The Japanese Star Festival

506 words - 3 pages of the best-known celebrations take place at the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto, the Konpira Shrine in Kagawa Prefecture, and in the cities of Hiratsuka in Kanagawa Prefecture and Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture. Also well known is the Sendai Tanabata festival in Miyagi Prefecture, which takes place a month later on August 7, since this is closer to the seventh day of the seventh month on the traditional lunar calendar.Each culture in the world has many traditions and celebrations of great interest based on the lunar calendar and legends. Tanabata is the most celebrated summer festival and shows an amazing part of the Japanese culture.

The Uglies Writing Assignment and Review - English I - Essay

447 words - 2 pages The Uglies Summer reading is meant to be engaging and keep you actively reading throughout the summer. Scott Westerfield, the author of The Uglies, successfully captured this in his intriguing book. It had a twisted plot, a dramatic cliffhanger, and a spectacular variety of characters. Perhaps the most interesting character is Tally Youngblood, the main character of the story. In two months, she deals with life changing events at the age of 16

"Winter Dreams" By F. Scott Fitzgeralds

472 words - 2 pages Free include marrying Judy Jones because she represented to him the best in a woman. As it says in the story, "his winter dreams happened to be concerned at first with musings on the rich", "often he reached out for the best without knowing why he wanted it." However, as time went on he saw that, "he was, as he found before the summer ended, one of a varying dozen who circulated around her." This created an internal conflict in him between trying to follow

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586 words - 3 pages home. Replacing old windows with new, high-efficiency windows can reduce your energy bill by 15 percent. Two of the best places to look for ways to conserve energy are doors and windows. Much of the energy lost from a home escapes as hot air in winter or cold air in summer passes through gaps around doors and windows. Hold a ribbon up to the edges of doors and windows. If it flutters, you’ve found a leak. Sealing these leaks with caulk or weather

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437 words - 2 pages Daniel Starr Gaming When I was in grade 6 my parents bought me an Xbox, I thought it was the best thing ever at the time, but I think if they could go back in time they would never had bought me it. I used to always be outside and running around until the day they bought me the consol. I got addicted to the Xbox very fast and didn’t go outside unless it was to bounce on the trampoline. I used to fake sick from school, so I could play, eventually

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Monologue - English - Monologue

926 words - 4 pages a part of it. I’ve grew up watching the tradition happen my whole life. As a kid, I didn’t really understand how the whole thing worked. To be honest I thought it was kind of weird at first. But watching how happy Olive and Nancy were every time the boys visited made it to be something so special (hug doll). Aren’t you just so excited to meet Barney!? (stand up) It’s going to be the best summer you’ve had yet! (say with enthusiasm) 1

My Summer Trip: Audra

334 words - 2 pages Free In the summer, my family and I go camping at Audra every year, and we have a blast. When we first get there, we have to “set up camp.” Audra is a small state park in West Virginia that my Aunt found on accident when she was going camping about fifteen years ago, and the campsite she usually goes to was full, so she went there. Little did she know that she was really finding a family tradition that would last for years. The guys usually put

Jay Leno : The Man Behind the Chin

347 words - 2 pages A popular comedian during the 1970s, Jay Leno is best known as the man who replaced Johnny Carson at the helm of The Tonight Show in 1992. Leno was born James Douglas Muir Leno to parents of Italian and Scottish heritage (Leno is particularly fond of discussing the Italian part) in New Rochelle, NY, but was raised in Andover, MA. During the year in which he was establishing his standup career, Leno was performing 300 nights throughout North

COMPLETE Book Report On The Book Dandelion Wine By Ray Bradbury

2499 words - 10 pages scissors.Doug's great grandmother gets very sick. She usually is the one to change the shingles on the roof so she tells Doug "Never let anyone shingle the roof unless its for fun." Doug's great-grandmother ended up dying a very peaceful death. Doug now is really depressed his best friend moves away, colonel dies, his great-grandmother dies and he is just very sad. He makes a list in his same notebook about that summer he writes YOU CANT DEPEND ON THINGS


706 words - 3 pages . She is a really good model of ambition because she worked hard to get what she wanted. Rachelle always has made good grades. I always just thought she was smart and it came naturally to her until she came to stay with us one summer. Rachelle was going to summer school to get more credits for classes. She studied all the time. Most of us, when we are bored, watch television or sleep, pretty much anything that's the opposite of production, but

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792 words - 4 pages safely down the road without anyone knowing who had broke in the house. With the coat, brooch, and pictures in our hands we walked down the road trying the best we could not to look suspicious, and as we arrived at my house we hid all of her belongings that we returned at the end of the summer in my garage so nobody would find them. Once we found a hiding place for her things we all headed home to go to bed. After a long night exploring that

Essay on the discourses in the movie "The Dish" 2001

493 words - 2 pages There were many discourses that were evidently operating within the film, "The Dish." It is specifically set in the summer of 1969, during the age of the space race period. This film looks directly at the space projects created by America and Australia's involvement in Apollo Elevens first manned voyage to the moon.Through the use of these discourses, combined with the connotations associated with these, we are truly able to find the under