The Best Things To Know About Special Education University Of Nevada, Reno Edu 208 Essay

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Final Exam Essay
Final Exam Essay
Final Exam Essay
By Aliyah Zollett
Education 208
Professor Diamond
University of Nevada, Reno
December 13, 2018
Disproportionate Representation
Disproportionate Representation is the special education term for the over or under population of minority races in special education. It is important to be able to understand this concept in order to be able to understand the idea of how many children are actually in special education as well as to understand students in the classroom and how to accurately and unbiasedly help the students that need it and to understand the best way to help these students. Along with that, the ability to help students and put them in the best placement for them, instead of just throwing students into a special education class based on the race that they are. The best way for society to help this issue to stop, is for schools to truly evaluate every student the correct way, no matter what the race. Putting a child in a special education classroom just because of race does not help that student unless that is what is best for that induvial student. Schools and teachers need to be able to put bias behind them and look at each student individually, not as a group.
Disabilities Across the Life Span
It is important to study disabilities across the life span to understand not only how to help people across the life span but also to understand what is going on with disabilities across the life span. When looking at disabilities, it is not something that just ends once a person with disabilities leaves the school life, it really is something that affects a person across their entire life, up until the moment they pass away in most cases. Those with disabilities and the people around them every day have to deal and adjust to the things that are going around and it is important that the support that they have is not only up until school age, but it really and truly is from birth to death. Along with that, a disability can come at any time in someone’s life, without every even knowing it. Things happen and without notice at times, and it is important to understand how to help that person and for that person to understand what is going on and in what ways that the support around them can help them.
FAPE or Free and Appropriate Public Education is the idea that every child in the United States with disabilities has the right to have free and appropriate education. The importance of FAPE is extremely important because not only does it give those with disabilities the opportunity to have education, but it also does not allow anyone in public education to turn someone away because of the disability that they have. The issue with the world, and not fully having a law in place would be that educators all over would be able to then just refuse to teach a student or have them in their class because of their disability, which is not right. Most recently, this provision has been impacted by the supreme...

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