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This is a power point on the big bang.The Big BangLauren KohlesPhysics 5February 24, 2005Definition An astronomy theory that says the Universe began with a super-powerful explosion. Georges-Henri Lemaitre is called by some, the father of the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang is only a theory, it has not been proven true.Start of the Big BangThe big bang occurred about 14 billion years ago.Astronomers believe that the entire Universe was inside a bubble that was thousands of times smaller than a pinhead, and that it was hotter and denser than anything imaginable.It ...view middle of the document...

It is estimated that the temperature of the entire universe was 1000 trillion degrees Celsius a fraction of a second.How Big is the Big Bang?Formation of the UniverseAs the Universe expanded and cooled, energy changed into particles of matter and antimatter which destroyed each otherOver the next three minutes, the temperature dropped below 1 billion degrees Celsius.Protons and neutrons survived and started to form when the Universe was one second old.Formation of the Universe contIt was now cool enough for the protons and neutrons to come together, forming hydrogen and helium nuclei.After 300 000 years, the Universe had cooled to about 3000 degrees, and atomic nuclei could capture electrons to form atoms.The Universe filled with clouds of hydrogen and helium gas.Interesting FactDid you know that the static on your television is caused by radiation left over from the Big Bang?CosmologyA branch of science which studies the evolution of our Universe.Cosmologists try to discover what the Universe was like billions of years ago and also what the Universe will be like billions of years in the future.Bibliography


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998 words - 4 pages Evidence For The Big Bang Theory Introduction The Big Bang Theory is the worlds most widely accepted 99% proven explanation for the how the universe evolved into its current state. When I say 99% proven I mean it, we can never say the theory is 100% proven because that is wrong mathematically. However the evidence we have to prove the theory is overwhelming. The theory goes like this: About 15 billion years ago, all matter and energy was bottled

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649 words - 3 pages basically the Big Bang theory. There are big flaws in that one though. The rotation is a big problem. If the Big Bang theory were correct, everything would be rotating the same direction. But not everything is. That is a big problem. Another is, if the universe was billions of years old the moon dust would be miles deep, it is only a few inches deep though. Also, if the universe were billions of years old, the moon would've started out on top of

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631 words - 3 pages Free to the question of what causes the arrow of time. The answer to this question is entropy. Entropy means disorder or randomness and how generally, everything has a tendency to become disordered. This means that though there is one possible way all the ripped pages of the book could land in order, there are thousands of ways they could land disordered creating the most probable outcome. The origin of the arrow of time dates back to the Big Bang. In

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476 words - 2 pages element that will help me accomplish this is by carefully reading others, impressive work precisely. This is how so many good writers have learned to write so well. By doing this I hope it will be beneficial in developing the writing strategies I need to accomplish my goal this semester in my composition class.Getting my "One Thing" out of this course should play a big role in my future and how successful I will be. It will help me by gaining better

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638 words - 3 pages the sun. It is known to have a core temperature hotter than 10 trillion degrees Celsius. To most people, the universe began 13 billion years ago, starting with a ‘big bang.’ It formed as matter, space and energy were flung outward. But some things don’t quite add up. Quasars, for one, have caused a problem for this view. Astronomer Halton Arp discovered a galaxy linked by a trail of gas to a quasar, but was confronted with a problem; the

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3320 words - 14 pages scientific point of view - The Big Bang, an explosion that produced all the matter in the universe that occurred 10-20 billion years ago; the universe started as raw energy and condensed into simple particles, then to more complex particles.2.2 Outline how each of the following provides evidence in support of this theory: the red shift in the spectra of stars; the three-degree background radiation; the helium-hydrogen ratio and the presence of radio

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499 words - 2 pages who believe in this theory don’t believe in a higher power and they worship no one. With this being their stand they challenge Christians beliefs of the way Earth was created. Evolution is also called the Big Bang Theory , this theory is said to have created Earth by way of a “superforce”. This superforce later started to form into atoms and made what we know today as Earth. This is also how we got the stars and the galaxy. My belief and stand on

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978 words - 4 pages Free myths may have set up a theory that is widely known in today's world as "The Big Bang" theory.The final point in which creation myths are compared to each other are in the order of how things were created. In the biblical creation story there is a specific order of how things were created. First it was the earth, sky, moon, sun, and all the earthly things, but the humans. Humans were the last things created in the biblical story. According to Bible

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718 words - 3 pages Alex Bester Descriptive Essay THE SHOT Its 3 a.m. as my alarm blares in my ear. I haven’t even opened my eyes and I’m jumping out of bed and getting dressed for the big day. The day I have been waiting over a year for. The day I get to carry my own gun and possibly shoot my first deer. As I’m putting on my layers of cloths, the aroma of coffee fills my nose. I rush out to the kitchen and grab a maple cinnamon bagel and a steaming hot cup of


825 words - 4 pages endless, because if it wasn't it would have to have been started by an event not influenced by any prior event. (And although most scientists believe in the Big bang theory it has not yet been proven correct). Also quantum scientists have detected particles in the most remote regions of space that do act independently of each other, or at least so they think, the observation is very recent and might very well be proven incorrect in the near

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845 words - 4 pages polar opposites. While one sees God as the Creator of life, the other believes a cluster of atoms caused a 'Big Bang'.Both sides sincerely want the best for humanity; it is just their personal and cultural views that interfere sometimes with any legitimate miracles. The longer this debate over the ethics of stem cell research continues, millions will continue to suffer. Those who are opposed to destroying embryos want to find some other way of finding stem cells. But that could take years, years that millions of people will continue to suffer, and in some cases, years they might not have to wait.

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2301 words - 10 pages Part One “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEPPPPP” the alarm clock blared at 6am. Lola bolted straight out of bed like the flash, a far cry from sluggishly crawling out of bed at noon as she had done for the past few weeks. School holidays were over and today was Lola’s big day, the first day of her high-school career. Lola walked through to the lounge where her little brother Joe was watching rug rats, the two of them always spent mornings

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1363 words - 6 pages past multiple posters displaying slogans that remind him, and all of the citizens of the Party’s constant surveillance. A frequent slogan that is broadcasted across the state of Oceania is “Big Brother is watching you” (Pg 3). This slogan is located in every public place in Oceania, and in the citizen’s homes. It is used as a constant reminder that the state is being monitored at all times, and this leads to fear being instilled into the

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2701 words - 11 pages Manager of GSK Greece. Question 1: As GSK Greece weren’t in a crisis situation, time was on Katzourakis’ side (positive). They were achieving their sales target but the local pharmaceuticals market was in decline, and local hospitals were purchasing purely based on price rather than quality. This change was designed to take a number of years rather than a short term big bang approach and was concerned with long term strategic improvement. In the

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2386 words - 10 pages their jobs. If the price of low-skill labor rises thanks to meddling politicians, demand for it should fall. Employers might slash their payrolls to preserve profits. They might invest in new technology instead of people (think of the self-checkout kiosks at your local CVS). Or they might start hiring older, more experienced workers in lieu of teenagers to get more bang for their buck.  But some researchers believe the Econ 101 model is too