Essay On The Birth Of The Republic

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The Birth of the Republic
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1. According to the author of this book, the history of the American Revolution is the history of the Americans' search for ____.
a. Search for Principles 2. What does the author state was the reputed nature of the American colonists prior to the Revolutionary War era?
a. The American colonists were reputed to be a quarrelsome, litigious, divisive lot of people.
3. What forms of evidence does the author site as support for the description of the colonist's reputation?
a. Records of the local courts in every colony are cluttered with such a host of small lawsuits that one receives from them the impression of a people who sued each other almost as regularly as they ate or slept. Their newspapers bristle with indignant letters to the editor about matters that now seem trifling. Minsters kept the presses busy with pamphlets denouncing each other's doctrines.
4. Describe the nature of interaction among the people within the various sections of each colony.
a. Eastern Connecticut despised Western Connecticut. Newport, Rhode Island, was at odds with Providence, and the rest of New England looked upon the whole of Rhode Island with undisguised contempt. Western North Carolina was so irritated by eastern North Carolina that civil war broke out in 1771. When New York was attacked by Indians, Massachusetts would not send aid, and the same happened when Mass. was attacked.
5. List the characteristics that served to unify the American colonists.
a. They were almost all of English descent-and proud of it.
b. They had common histories in by the Norman Conquest and the Glorious Revolution (1688) c. Overwhelmingly Protestant d. Most inhabitants made their living through American Soil e. WIDESPREAD OWNERSHIP OF PROPERTY- Most people owned land, so it gave political and economic independence to the average American.
6. Who, according to the author, was a "paper tiger" within the colonial governments?
a. Yes, in most colonies the King appointed a Governor, but the governor had no ability to carry out the king's direction without the representative assembly. In most cases the representative assemblies got their way, even though the governors could veto the king's laws.
7. List the powers of (a) the royal governor and (b) the colonial assembly.
a. Could Veto laws.
b. Held the power of the purse and generally got their way.
8. State the function of the Navigation Acts.
a. Were passed by the British Parliament to regulate colonial trade so that raw materials were produced for the mother country and manufactured goods were purchased from her. The purpose of the acts was to promote economic welfare of the empire, but more particularly, for the mother country.
9. Who ultimately exerted control/authority over the colonists?
a. The Colonist, themselves, exerted control and authority over themselves due to the inefficient Government of Great Britain.
10. According to the author, what did the colonists cherish mos...

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