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In the movie, The Blind Side, that is also based on a true story, the main character Michael Oher’s experiences many changes. Throughout the movie, he grows from a shy, uneducated boy into a lovely young man who finally belongs to a real family.
The film begins with Michael as a homeless young boy struggling to find a place to sleep. The movie soon progresses with Oher’s very fortunate meeting of the Tuohy family and concludes with Oher’s ultimate transformation from a homeless boy into a successful young man. A 17-year-old teenager who has had a very different childhood to most others, Michael Oher has been living with many foster parents throughout Memphis and Tennessee. He was basically an orphan because of his father dying when he was young, and his mother is never around because she doesn’t want him to see that she has a bad crack addiction. Every time he finds a new home, he will run away. He sleeps whenever and wherever he wants to.
A fair bit into the movie he gets his own driver’s license, which shows a major change in his teenage life having the ability to drive. Mr. and Mrs. Tuohy have signed the official documents that state them as Michael’s legal guardians. He got his own room, bed, and home, which he never had in his life before. As you can tell that he had never had his own bed as he says “ I’ve never had one before “ to Mrs Tuohy when she was setting the bed up in front of him. He even got a new car for himself, which made him feel not only happy, but also part of a something he never had: a family. As he receives all these gifts, he becomes more comfortable with his friends and surroundings at home and at school as well. He tested in the 98 percentiles under “ protective instincts ”. This can be seen not only on test papers, but also...

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