The Blue Planet, Talks About How Humans Are Affecting The Population Of Animals English 200 Essay

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The Blue planet
We all have heard of many animals becoming extinct, and the reason was humans. We have always been racing on who can collect the most money without caring what we are causing for the nature or animals. For example, people used to hunt whales to get oil, and we know that oil is one of the most important resources for humans. So people used to hunt whales to get oil, and caring about the lifecycle of whales, and we should stop hunting them, to give them time to breed again. We are also causing pollution in the atmosphere because of the smoke that comes from the factories, and perhaps that smoke is killing birds too. I think since we are the reasons for these problems, we can also find the solution. We need to use what god gave us wisely.
“Hiding from Animals” by Helen Macdonald. In the article Helen talks about her experience on an island, and how he used to live in a wood box, as he describes the box as, a rustic box with bench seats and narrow slits in the wall. Helen used to “hide” inside that box observing the wildlife. The author’s reason of doing that is to find out if we need to hide from nature to observe it. Macdonald thinks if we “hide” to observe the wildlife, animals...

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