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The Boss Essay

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[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]2Kyle Is His NameSometimes some of our work experiences are not the greatest memories we will have. I'm saying this, because I know many people that don't like to talk about work due to the stress they go through. I found out that in most cases the boss is the one running the work experience for most people. Fortunately I have been lucky enough to have a boss that inspires me to be better, and at the same time challenges my work. A man who is 6'5 tall, with a rough voice, and hands of the size of a tennis racket can be real intimidating when you first look at him, but he is not. Once you work with him realize how sweet, and generous that big guy can be. He ...view middle of the document...

Certainly, my boss' role in it has been quite big and it is only because of his clever guidance that I have been able to sail through difficult situations easily. Most often I have found him working in a relaxed and calm mood and he also advises me to do so. He is generally a calm person who also has a great sense of humor and it is why most of the office's staff would like to sing his praises and talk of his behavior. I know him to be collaborative who believes in everyone's participation and equity. Whether it is the male or the female colleagues one would never hear a word of criticism against him from them. A lot of the collaboration that you gain from your colleagues depends on your behavior and attitude towards them. My boss knows this mantra well and also follows it.Right since I joined my office, I have seen him playing various roles. Sometimes, he is a mentor, sometimes, a guide, sometimes a leader and also a manager. But every role he plays, he plays it equally well. I have found him to be equally efficient and effective in every role. For me and other subordinates he is a mentor who has taught them how to handle difficult situations and also how to maintain harmony. Most importantly, in various aspects of my job I still use the skills he had taught me. I find him to be a wonderful leader who has the ability to guide his team through conflicts and difficult situations. In fact he is someone who is able to inspire with his leadership. I have been through various situations of which many were really tough, and I have also been able to sail through without much difficulty. However, I won't certainly claim it would have been as easy without a good and reliable boss. You can easily imagine how comfortable it gets when you do not have someone staring hard at you when a project gets slightly delayed, or when you need some extra support financially for a certain project and you have a boss who is ready to hear and understand you. Usually, my friends complain of having short-tempered bosses who would not even love to see their subordinates trying to cling around. But I am certainly amused to hear of...

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