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I chose to watch the movie the breakfast club and talk about it and how it relates to Psychology. In the movies 4 teenagers are sent to detention and they are all completely different ‘cliques’ and are forced to talk to one another. When the students arrived at detention that morning Mr. Vernon had stereotyped all of them based off of their appearance. The stereotype leads him to form a prejudice on each student. He then began to discriminate against them and show negativity and harshness towards them. In the movie smoking is considered a normal thing and when Bender asks if the others want to smoke with him they agree because they believe that it is acceptable. Claire shows symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder which of course relates back to psychology. She is the popular one in the movie of the group and she does require a lot of attention and admiration. She lacks empathy towards other people who she considerers below her social status. Claire also thinks that people are envious of her and that everyone loves her and wants to be her. In the movie Brian shows symptoms of depression. He was sent to detention because he was caught with a gun in school and was planning on committing suicide. Brian has a low self-esteem and feels forced to get good grades to please his parents. He shows his desire to fit in with other when he easily falls into peer pressure and he decides to smoke with the group. The Fundamental Attribution Error is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, or beliefs that relate to behavior decisions and certain attitudes. This is obvious in the movie because they judge one another and at the end they realize they are completely wrong. Andrew also shows symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and anxiety. Andrew requires admiration, especially from his fath...


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3672 words - 15 pages carefully read the instruction on how to reference APA. Declaration I have read and understand the guidelines on plagiarism (found in the BA Psychology handbook) and declare that this coursework is entirely my own work. All sources have been acknowledged in the text and included in the reference section. All quotations from other authors are marked as such in the text. Joint attention are specific types of social and cognitive developmental

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