The Bubonic Plague And The Disturbing Parallels To Its Sypmtoms, And The Way Of Life It Forced Upon People And The Children's Song Ring Around The Rosy

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The Bubonic PlagueIntroductionThe Bubonic Plague, better known as the Black Death, killed 25 million people in 5 years. It started spreading around the year 1000 AD. It got worse and worse until 1352 AD. Then it would reoccur in small outbursts until about 1600. It is still found today though it is rarely deadly, and rarely even found.Symptoms and Other Such ThingsThere are multiple symptoms of the Bubonic Plague. The biggest and most immediately noticeable one is an onset of chills, fevers, rashes that start out red then turn black, and enlarged lymph nodes.The bacterium that causes all this is called, Yersinia Pestis. It is carried by fleas t ...view middle of the document...

However estimates have been made.It is estimated that, in the first summer the disease was in England, the disease wiped out 15% of the population. That was about 31,159 people dead because they didn't know how to take a bath. Sad isn't it? I like pie... Overall 610 million people died. That's still a lot but back then, that was over half the population of the world.* Fortunately, we have much better control of it today. Cases are very rare. There are around 160 cases a year, and 23 fatalities.How the Bubonic Plague Got it's Name etc...The plague gets its name from the Lymph Nodes it infects. Those specific nodes are called the Bubboes. See the similarity? Bubboe/Bubonic? Good! You most likely remember singing the song "Ring Around the Rosie" when you were a kid. Little did you know that when you sang out as loud as you could in your high Chipmunk pitched voice that you were singing about the direst diseases to strike mankind!Parts of the songSymptoms/things to doRing around the Rosie.Either the red rashes or the swelling lymph nodesPocket full of posies. People would put flowers in their pockets to ward off the smell of all the rotting corpsesAshes, ashes we all fall DOWN!We all dieI feel that at one point, there was more to this song and that parents probably taught it to their children so that they knew to stay away if they saw someone like that. Thus ends my report. Please don't ask me to do another because this one has already wasted a whole 3 hours 26 minutes and 38.29 seconds. I'd rather run a marathon...


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4393 words - 18 pages ancient sources to support, however it is hard to determine the true significance of this influence. Marius was strongly opposed the dictator Sulla, who tried to reassert the Senate as an unquestionable force in the state. Caesar was tied to the populares party through his aunt Julia and his wife, Cornelia Cinnilla.Caesar eventually became a champion of the people like his uncle Marius in Hennessey’s critical perspective. In 65 BC, he had

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1526 words - 7 pages . Madame Semele, one of the Lilim witch-sisters, exemplifies the traditional female villain within the fairy-tale narrative. Her vanity and narcissistic tendencies communicate the gender dynamics of the female as nothing more than a physical object. In fact, Madame’s Semele’s obsession to remain youthful mirrors society’s distaste of aging, and the pressure that is forced on female beauty. Like the Grand High Witch, Stardust’s malevolent female

Oran: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Character Analysis - Camus "The Plague"

1553 words - 7 pages Oran, peaceful and unprepared, is overcome by Bubonic plague. Separation, isolation and indigence become the common lot of distinct characters whose actions, thoughts and feelings constitute a dynamic story of man imprisoned. Prior to the closing, people went about their business as usual, almost oblivious to the plague. When Oran was shut off from the world, its residents had to adapt to the new conditions of life. Men reacted to the terrible

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945 words - 4 pages people she lived with, but if there is one thing that one can learn from her judgment of characters, is that one is a lot like her in the sense they may become utterly frustrated with people that are always around them and try to be kind and caring. It is the dark side being helped but on the other hand the others probably felt the same way about each other including Anne. Mind you everyone was in a very tight space for two years and that is two years to find weakness and flaws and naturally that is what came out from everyone.

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1184 words - 5 pages The football tournment was just around the corner and Dawton Pasey Wallace always wanted to be a champion. Dawton has played football for a few years, and never completed his life long dream. The Thundering Herd of Burbank, Texas played in the 12 to 15 year old championship against the Sarasoda Blackcats. The Herd was defeated last year when Dawton dropped a 6-yard pass by quaterback Daniel Henes with only 32 seconds left in the game

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2170 words - 9 pages Free feature, the sound in Ringu enhanced the scary feeling. One thing that divides Ringu from other horror films is its unique way of creating the sensation of fear – it barely uses any jump scare, but creates the sensation of fear through rather a day-to-day method such as the video tape and the telephone. In the case of sound, the most important sound effect in the film is the underwater sound. Audiences can often hear some dull and blurry sound like

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831 words - 4 pages that if they did not abide by Hitler's ideology they would be imprisoned and it is inevitable to say that propaganda and terror played a large part in Hitler's power.In conclusion it can be said that Hitler's power depended upon the use of propaganda and terror in the period from 1933-1939 and this is made evident through the mass rallies organised by the nazi's, the imprisonment of any persons opposed to the Nazi party, the nazified education and the work of Joseph Goebbels, Albert Speer and the nazi party.

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482 words - 2 pages Main Characters:Charlemagne- the Christian, Frank king who is notably an ally to the Pope and great Conqueror. He was also known as Charles the Great.Roland- The "hero" of The Song of Roland. Not much is known from him in a historical standpoint. Roland's tragic flaw is pride.Oliver- Roland's best friend and advisor. Oliver is very brave and noble. He attempts to urge Roland to blow his Oliphant to reach the FranksPlot SummaryCharlemagne's army

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1949 words - 8 pages Free are no proper research done to conclude the above due to the individuality of both men and women. As there may be men who are more concerned with aesthetics and feelings and there may also be women who are practical thinkers. These differences make it difficult to draw any concrete conclusion on the way men and women think and feel. However, there are studies to show that there are differences between the way men and women talk.We will discuss the

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1943 words - 8 pages come in his future life, his completely new life. He had become a new man, and used the pain inflicted upon him from the war to build him to that man. Though the deadly bomb had ended the war, it was only the beginning the Dr. Böll's plight. He was sent to Hiroshima with other scientist to research the devastation that the bomb left. He was forced to see innocent children, blameless adults and non-deserving seniors, slowly die right

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1290 words - 6 pages Free emphasizes freedom of choice, allowing our women to date and choose their mate. Women in Middle Eastern society have strict limitations upon them because of the religion that they follow. Jewish women from the Middle East are traditionally brought up in accordance with the Torah, while Muslim women from the Middle East are raised following the Qu'ran. Thus, because the culture and religion differs from that of our own, their laws will be molded around

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747 words - 3 pages Free highest of the illegal voting due to immigrants voting. However, people find it unlawful for non-citizens to vote and that allowing immigrants to vote would strip out democracy in the United States. Most immigrants come to the United States for refuge and to escape the horrors of a terrible government in their home country, immigrants allow people in terrible situations to make a new start in another country. Although there are 12.1 billion

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2001 words - 9 pages Free approximately 3950 B.C.E. All five writings are very important to their religions because they give the believers a source of knowledge that can guide them how to live their lives.The world and life are creations of gods. Each religion has its own way of explaining how the world was created. In the Abrahamic religions, each religion has an all powerful God who created the world. Although all the Western religions believe in a single Gods, that God is where

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705 words - 3 pages Free would be hard for me to invest my feelings towards more than one person. I feel that if I find the one, why should I have some else in way from obtaining that one-one chemistry. It would simply just not be fair. Polygamy was practiced and accepted in the old centuries. In this modern era, in most of the countries it’s against the law and the religion for people to practice it. Also, at this modern era I feel like having a polygamy marriage