Essay On The Challenge

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English 1. 10 (90854)

Form Personal responses to independently read texts supported by evidence.

Credits: 4

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Giving My Opinion!
The Challenge

During the year, you need to read, watch and listen to at least six texts. For each text, you need to create a response. This response could be written, spoken, acted out or any other way you can think to make. We want you to choose texts you are interested in, and present your responses in a way that shows your strengths. If you play to your muscles, you are more likely to gain a Merit or Excellence grade.
The Rules

2 texts you respond to need to be extended written texts (like novels, biographies etc).

2 more texts also have to be written texts (such as poems, short stories, articles, etc). The other two texts can be oral (e.g., songs, speeches, stories on tape) or visual (graphic novels, films, computer games).
All texts must be level 6 of the curriculum or higher, appropriate for students of 15/16 years of age.

You can't hand them in at the end of the year you must hand them in during the year (unless you have made an arrangement with your teacher).

Try to get a good mix of genders, cultures, and time periods in your texts.

The due date for this assessment is:

Helpful Hints:

Check your texts with your teacher before reading or creating your response. That way, you will know if they meet the standard requirements.

Check out the reading lists and example responses in the English folder on the Student Share drive.

Achievement Criteria

Achievement with Merit Achievement with Excellence Form personal responses to independently read texts supported by evidence.
Form convincing personal responses to independently read texts supported by evidence.
Form perceptive personal responses to independently read texts supported by evidence.

Student Response Checklist
Types of Text
You need to have one of each type below cross them off when you have achieved it!
Written Text

- Extended
Written Text

- Extended
Written Text
Written Text
Visual, Oral or Written Visual, Oral or Written Method of responding to a text Remember that in all these methods, there are things that have to be included. Check the ingredients list.

Come up with other ideas and run them past your teacher first!

Post an online response on the English department blog or wiki.
Use the traditional reading log format to write a response.
Mind Map uses inspiration or another thinking map to outline your response.
The essay analyses how a text affects the audience.
Book Review creates a review for display in the library.

Film yourself giving a review of the text. Create a power point presenting your response to the text. Create a book cover or poster promoting the text.
Use Xtranormal to create a conversation between two people analyzing the text. Use comic life to generate a response to the text.

Use Vocaroo (or ...

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