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The challenges and future of Virtual Reality
Virtual reality (VR) is a new technology by means of computer to control the audience's vision, tactile and hearing into a three-dimensional environment, and in this computer generated simulation environment, users would experience the feeling in the real world. And Heim (1993) also listed the main technology of content included sense of interaction and full-body immersion. In recent years, VR has quickly developed and entered people's field of vision. Especially in March 25, 2014, Facebook announced that it would spend $2 Billion in purchasing Oculus which is the leading company of VR (Luckerson, 2014). In addition, as a result of VR technology is used in a broad range of applications which includes education, entertainment, shopping, healthcare and direct broadcast (lanyi,2012), VR will have potential significant impact on people’s lives. Therefore, VR would have a bright future which means it can be overcome the challenges such as technical limitations, market uncertainty and lack of security.
On the current situation, technology must be a vital challenge. However, there is no doubt that it will be improved sooner or later if it based on the continuous and in-depth research. First and foremost, the hardware, as the core of the VR device that may limit the application of product upgrades, must have high requirements. A research company Gartner reported that there are only 13 million PCs which means less than 1% of 1.43 billion computers have the graphical capabilities needed for VR at present (Goldstein, 2016). The most compelling evidence is that the direct broadcast application of LG 360 VR has been published and its biggest feature is the immersion experience. Nevertheless, for ordinary computer, the hardware facilities is unattainable. Upgrade hardware of the computer is just a part of the whole need for VR products. In other words, the software also faces severe test. Compared with the mobile phones, Alamares stated (2016) at present the up dated VR headset not only need more advanced hardware like CPUs, GPUs and long battery life, the mobile VR still face the software problems like lower image resolution and unable to track or locate. For a new technology that needs to be completely immersed in the experience of the content, image restriction must be a hindrance to its development in the future. Thus, software still needs to constantly updated in order to adapt to the needs of the people. Only if it can express the advantages of its interaction between human and computer, it will not be eliminated. Obviously, it is true that the technical problem is ineluctable. The hardware can not improve immediately, as well as the software. However, Seeing the myriad failed attempts to build VR technology from 1995, Russell(2014) shows an obvious difference is that people are in the digital era, mobile phone and long battery life has been seen in everywhere. It provides favorable conditions for...


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