"The Chiefs Daughter" By Rosemary Sutcliff

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While reading the "The Chiefs Daughter" by Rosemary Sutcliff I came across a very surprising event. In this selection, a young Indian girl meets an Irish prisoner and when a stream that brings many important resources to the tribe, begins to dry up, their relationship is put on the line.I didn't understand why, if the boy was a prisoner of war, did Nessan's tribe allow him to wonder all over without anybody accompanying him. It sounds to me as if he is an Irish boy living a young Sioux boy's life, which is a lot better than being locked away in a small, dark jail cell that you and I picture when ...view middle of the document...

"I hope you like him, Stephen!" My mom hollered as I ran upstairs. "The man said if he bites you, we have to put him in his cage!" I heard those words but I didn't quite understand what that meant until later.When I arrived in my room Fred closed his strong jars right on my index finger, and he continued to do so whenever he pleased. I knew what I needed to do, but I felt sorry for Fred. He was just two months old and he didn't know any better, and it didn't even hurt that bad anyway. So, I never punished him and I just got used to the biting.This is similar to my "The Chief's Daughter" because the chief knew what had to be done with the poor Irish boy, Dara, but the kindness in his heart didn't have the power to ruin a young boy's life. Dara was caught fighting against the tribe and should be punished very badly but the Chief felt the Boy was young and innocent. This was just how I felt about my Ferret's misbehavior. I can see why the chief would not care if Dara roamed around wherever he pleased because he had a soft heart. This is exactly the same position I was in.I think the author knew this mystery would puzzle many readers, but she left it in their for us to find out ourselves. Whether it is giving a softer side to the powerful chief or it's symbolizing how to live your life, we'll never know, but we can think of the possibilities instead of skipping through it, as if it doesn't even make a difference.


Paper On Students Responsibility

405 words - 2 pages Before the students start attending college they have to understand that college isn't for everyone. In many major colleges the students could be droped out. One of the ways they could be droped out is if they happen to fail all too many courses in a semester.In the memoir called Unafraid of the Dark by Rosemary Bary. Rosemary who was attending Yale university and was very proud of it, had failed three out of four of the classes that she was

Cheyenne Indians Assignment

598 words - 3 pages ; the last was in 1879, when 64 Indians were killed by troops and 78 recaptured. Later one reservation was established in Montana and another in Oklahoma.The Cheyenne were organized into 10 main bands made up of family groups. These bands were led by a council of 45 peace chiefs, each a renowned warrior chosen for a 10-year term of office. Cutting across the bands were the military societies. Originally five in number, these increased to seven

essay based on the book divergent explaining its key concepts about each character - english - essay

922 words - 4 pages Rosemary is the previous Receiver-In-Training and The Giver’s daughter. The Giver is written in third person narration in the beginning of the novel it is based off as a utopian fiction but as the story progresses it is dystopian fiction, for those that don’t know what that is it basically means (some place where everything is unpleasant or bad and utopian is the opposite). Now moving onto the significant passage “At first, he had only been

The Social Consequences of the Black Death - John abbott, History - Essay

1211 words - 5 pages Reem Mohamed-Ibrahim The Black Death: An Epidemic of Change Essay John Abbott College History Western Civilisation Fiona Tomaszewski Sect: 0004 2018 – 04 – 16 The Black Death was brought to Europe, first in southern Italy, by merchants traveling through commercial routes from Asia. The plague is known to be the most destructive reoccurring pandemics in history. Reducing 50% of European population between 1347 and 1351, an estimated 19 to 38

Second wave of Feminism in Canada: contribution to the passing of gender-discrimination laws - History - Essay

1644 words - 7 pages themselves and fight for the right to be better involved and represented in politics. Starting from 1916, women across the country began to sporadically gain the right to vote and to run for public office. By 1960, all women in Canada had the right to vote. Today, this movement is referred to as the Women's Suffrage Movement, or the First Wave of Feminism. Approximately 4 decades later, women began to realize that the right to vote was not enough

Character Sketch of "The Other Family" - IB English - IB Englishshort story character sketch

418 words - 2 pages “The Other Family” Character Sketch - Mother Throughout the story, “The Other Family” by Himani Bannerji, the mother demonstrates many traits that contribute to her unique personality that sets the mood of the story. Despite having many attributes, one that is evidently highlighted is that the mother is an insecure person. The story starts off with her saying “[w]hat did I do, she thought, I took [my daughter] away from her own people and her

Mythological short story about the goddess Ceres searching for her kidnapped daughter - Florida Virtual School/English 2 - Short story

1206 words - 5 pages , can I please go down to the shore?" Proserpina begged with puppy dog eyes and her bottom lip jutted out. Ceres looked up from her daughter in the direction of the ocean and thought, she turned back to her daughter and agreed to let her go, “You can go as long as you stay by the sea nymphs, for they are trustworthy enough.” She worriedly told Proserpina to stay away from the forest before she went off in search of the sea nymphs. As soon as her

The Idea of Change in a Magic feminist study of Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus - School - Essay

3484 words - 14 pages turn of the century, this idea of change is More noticeable. Carter employs magic realism to “subvert the patriarchal society” (Rosemary Jackson 104). Use of magical realism allows Carter to make observations about society, Gender and the Power of myth, and she is particularly doubtful about any construct that has been established And accepted without question. Nights at the Circus was recognized by newspaper and critics as evidence of a huge

Compare The Ways In Which Madame Loisel And The Daughter In 'Two Kinds' Respond To The Pressures And Expectations Of Their Families And Societies

753 words - 4 pages Both, Madame Loisel and the daughter from two kinds, find themselves in similar situations. The situations seem different but in reality they aren't, as both of them are expected to do certain things, the only different is that the daughter from to kinds in forced to do thing and Madame Loisel just feel like she had to do or to have a certain thing.The difference in the expectations between the two characters, is made by making one character

A look at imperialism effects on the people of the African Congo - History 10 - Assignment

736 words - 3 pages another European country attempting to exterminate an entire group of people because of their religion, but when you dive further in you will realize that these two historical events are not as different as you might think. Firstly, the way in which King Leopold II gained the support of his people and the unknowing consent of the Congolese chiefs is very similar to the methods Adolf Hitler used to earn the support of Germany and the, again, unknowing

Todorov’s and Jackson’s Fantasy and Gothic Views of Katniss in The Hunger Gam - University of Toronto, Fantasy and Horror - Essay

1929 words - 8 pages Free country Katniss lives in, or in other words a secondary world. Panem is considered a secondary world because it “cannot be explained by the laws of this familiar world” (Todorov 25), such as our primary world. Secondly, Todorov states that the “uncertainty of the truth” and fear, are common themes that make a novel fantastic and gothic. Katniss fears that if she is open to trusting people, she will be betrayed, like the ways she was by her mother

Why was the hoessini code inmportant to those who werrw stugglging and needed a way out - Lincoln alexander - essay

1258 words - 6 pages (Intro) The novel “A Thousand Splendid Suns” written by Khaled Hosseini, introduces the readers to many relationships including the one shared between father and daughter. The two father/daughter relationships that are portrayed in the novel are between Mariam and Jalil, and Laila and Babi. The author makes the reader embody themselves in the role of a women living in Afghanistan to present how social gender expectations, hierarchies in afghan

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451 words - 2 pages settlers from Britain and territory Europe. The general strike started more unionism and activism. Laborers in urban communities from Amherst, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia, exited in help of the Winnipeg strikers. Some strike chiefs, including J.S. Woodsworth, were chosen for government. Woodsworth and other previous strikers helped found the Co-employable Commonwealth Federation. This communist work party later turned into the New

A brief overviewnof aborigional studies - Aborigional studies - Assignment

1269 words - 6 pages were able to trade furs and pelts which helped them withstand colder temperatures. B. Two advantages that the aboriginal people received by trading with the europeans were the use of guns, to make it easier to hunt. Aboriginals also gained access to knives and pans. 8. The quote “A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong" relates to the idea of collective identity by showing that a community is stronger together even if one is broken

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3127 words - 13 pages Free Student Number: s5103267 Student Name: Tania Zeidan 1699- Philosophy and Ethics in Education Statement of School Philosophy “At Rosemary High School, we take every opportunity to nurture our students by creating a self-reliant environment that teaches them to self-orient their learning. This approach allows students to be objective in the sense where they are able to develop lifelong skillsets and ensure their ability to be independent. We