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"The Chiefs Daughter" By Rosemary Sutcliff

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While reading the "The Chiefs Daughter" by Rosemary Sutcliff I came across a very surprising event. In this selection, a young Indian girl meets an Irish prisoner and when a stream that brings many important resources to the tribe, begins to dry up, their relationship is put on the line.I didn't understand why, if the boy was a prisoner of war, did Nessan's tribe allow him to wonder all over without anybody accompanying him. It sounds to me as if he is an Irish boy living a young Sioux boy's life, which is a lot better than being locked away in a small, dark jail cell that you and I picture when we ...view middle of the document...

"I hope you like him, Stephen!" My mom hollered as I ran upstairs. "The man said if he bites you, we have to put him in his cage!" I heard those words but I didn't quite understand what that meant until later.When I arrived in my room Fred closed his strong jars right on my index finger, and he continued to do so whenever he pleased. I knew what I needed to do, but I felt sorry for Fred. He was just two months old and he didn't know any better, and it didn't even hurt that bad anyway. So, I never punished him and I just got used to the biting.This is similar to my "The Chief's Daughter" because the chief knew what had to be done with the poor Irish boy, Dara, but the kindness in his heart didn't have the power to ruin a young boy's life. Dara was caught fighting against the tribe and should be punished very badly but the Chief felt the Boy was young and innocent. This was just how I felt about my Ferret's misbehavior. I can see why the chief would not care if Dara roamed around wherever he pleased because he had a soft heart. This is exactly the same position I was in.I think the author knew this mystery would puzzle many readers, but she left it in their for us to find out ourselves. Whether it is giving a softer side to the powerful chief or it's symbolizing how to live your life, we'll never know, but we can think of the possibilities instead of skipping through it, as if it doesn't even make a difference.

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