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With the spring air came the roar of excited thousands running down the avenue from the Capitol toward the White House. Above the great commotion newsboys were screaming an "Extra". "Extra! Extra! Peace! Victory!" Windows started to rise. Doors flew open. People rushed into the streets crowding around the newsboys trying to get their hands on a paper. A boy cries out, "Lee has surrendered!" Finally, the end had come. The north, with it's many resources and people, had got the first shot on Sumter. It was all over. Church bells rang, guns were fired, and many people rejoiced knowing that that their sons didn't have to leave for another draft. While all the celebration was ...view middle of the document...

She turned around and a sweet motherly women trying to get in. The guard wouldn't let her in. She said she was looking for her son, so Eisle went over to the guard and he allowed the women to pass. It turned out that it was the young man's mom. She said that her and her daughter had been in every hospital around searching for him, and she was so thankful that she had been taking care of her boy. The mother went over to the bed he was in and talked to him. He promised her that he would be out soon to take care of her. Eisle hated to brake up the moment, but the mother need to face the harsh reality. She pulled the mother aside, and instead of telling her that her son was sentenced to death, she just told her that he was going to make it. Eisle didn't have the heart to tell her the truth. Finally Eisle decided that the mother needed to know, so she met her obscure boarding house and explained the situation to Mrs. Cameron (mother). They decided to go and try to get a pardon from the president, Abraham Lincoln. The next day Mrs. Cameron went and pleaded for the pardon of her son at the White House. Mr. Lincoln said, "You're a kind and dear women, and if there is any way that I can prevent violence, then I'll do it." He pardoned her son. He told her to go to the War Department. She took the pardon to the War Department and gave it to the Secretary of War. He refused to do it. He got in a rampage and started talking foul about Lincoln, so Mrs. Cameron had to go get the president to straighten him out. Later on at the hospital, Eisle arrived back with the pardon, and was being accompanied by her brother, Captain Phil Stoneman. Phil Stoneman had never really liked wars, and laughed at his ideas about how bad the south was. When they got there Phil got to meet the young soldier's sister, Margaret, and thought she was beautiful. He decided to invite them to go to the theatre. He explained that it would be Laura Keen's last appearance in the show "Our American Cousin". He said that it would also be her one-thousandth performance in the play. "President Lincoln and his wife will be there as well", he said convincingly. Mrs. Cameron let Margaret go, and she met Stoneman at seven o' clock. The city was full of vast crowds throughout the streets. People were firing their guns and having a great time. The buildings were decorated with lights. It was a very glorious sight. Phil and Margret went down the street to wait at the doors that the president would enter through. As soon as they walked up, Mr. Lincoln and his wife had just came out. Everybody waved and cheered when he entered, and then followed him to the theatre. The Lincolns headed up to a private box in front of the stage and, and everybody else took their seats. The play began to start. While everybody was watching the play, Margaret noticed that John Willks Booth had entered the president's box. She started to tell Phil about what a great man he was. Then all of a sudden, a...

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