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The Continuous Evolution Of Humans Essay

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It has been clear to some researchers that humans are still evolving. Within the last 5,000 to 15,000 years, studies have shown that the genes in many regions of human genome have been shaped by natural selection. Many paleontologists are trying to show that evolution is still currently in the process of changing gene frequencies over time, which means that over generations, there will be changes in the gene pool, and humans experiences those changes as much as any other organisms. Some people live and some people die, and some evidently pass on more genes than others. Therefore, this evidently shows of change in the human gene pool over time. Tests have been taken in populations of Africa, East Asian countries and Europe showing that natural selection has acted upon these ...view middle of the document...

Recent studies have shown that the characteristics of primates have increased in body mass in many of the primate lineages. This comes to show that natural selection has acted upon this group of animal on the basis of survival. Studies have shown that in most regions where primates reside in, now have larger fruit sizes. The selection would help these primates shift to a larger vegetarian diet. Also, scientists have noticed that through many of the primate lineages, there has been a reduction in claw size to nails. Why? Selection acts upon their palms for better climbing abilities when climbing from tree to tree. A better structure of the palm may help the primate adapt to his arboreal surrounding and possibly be able to evade predators easier. As most primates are arboreal, they have a number of adaptations that evolved in response to the environment around them.As many mammals are still in evolving as we speak, this attributes to the importance of Evolution. Evolution, the science of populations changing over time in response to their environment, is the central unifying theme in biology today. Darwin introduced Evolution in his book Origin of Species, where he postulated that all species have a common ancestor from which they are descended. As populations of species moves into new habitats and new parts of the world, they face different environment conditions. Over time, these populations would accumulate modifications, or adaptations, that would allow them and their offspring to survive better in their new environments. These modifications are the key to the evolution of new species, or as Darwin would call it "survival of the fittest". So, as humans are still evolving, our environment is obviously changing as well. Whether it is global changes or land movement, natural selection is acting upon humans to live for thousands of more years.

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