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The Count Of Monte Cristo Essay

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good content, excellent structure, whatch spelling!!The Count of Monte-CristoAlexander DumasThe Count of Monte-Cristo is a nineteenth century historical romance. The characters are set in conventional forms Alexander Dumas borrowed from society. Courageous, avaricious, kind, loyal, selfish, or treacherous each personality embodies a common stereotype. M. Morrel, a merchant and ship owner, represent the good hearted benefactor. M. Danglars, employee of M. Morrel, symbolizes the typical jealous colleague. The Abbé Faria, prisoner at Château D'If, personifies the persecuted, yet respected mentor. Each character portrays the extreme of a well-known personality. Edmond ...view middle of the document...

A loyal, dedicated, and hard working young man Edmond set sail in 1813. He returned two years later as the appointed caption of the Pharaon . Upon arrival, Dantès immediately attends to his father's needs instead of visiting his fiancée, thus demonstrating unselfish love for his father. Edmond possessed ambition balanced by a healthy respect for other human beings. Unfortunately, he was not without envious enemies. Several of his trusted companions secretly conspired to have Edmond thrown into prison. Within the dungeon of Château D'If, Edmond learned the truth of his imprisonment. He became engrossed in the need to harm those who wrought his troubles. Edmond Dantès original persona became tainted by a thirst for revenge.Dantès was never a completely enclosed in his labyrinth of spite and revenge. He set aside his personal goals to save the life of a friend's beloved, thus retaining a grain of humanity. Edmond's integrity resurfaces as he reevaluates his plan to kill M. Danglars. As the novel comes to a close, Edmond Dantès concludes his revenge with a sad smile. Although he doesn't regret his actions, he does regret degree of pain he brought upon may innocent lives.Dumas created a living example of the intricate interaction between a single individual's character and society. Dantès began life as a well-intending individual. Through the trials and tribulations placed upon him he became a creature of hate. His choices in life were directly influenced by the people around him. Edmond is an excellent example of the tie between society and individuals.

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