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Joan of Arc as relates to Dostoevsky's "extraordinary man theory"Proving herself to be a good deal more than ordinary, Jeanne d'Arc, the Maid of Orleans and patron saint of France, united her nation at a critical hour in history and decisively turned the Hundred Years' War in France's favor, forever ending England's dreams of hegemony over France. The crimes and eventual triumph of this most amazing young woman are better understood when applied to Dostoevsky's 'extraordinary man' theory.Dostoevsky's theory, as written in Crime and Punishment, claims that all of mankind is divided into two basic categories, the 'ordinary' and the 'extraordinary.' Where the 'ordinary' masses are 'by nat ...view middle of the document...

Jeanne again triumphed. In the eyes of the people the cowardly and lethargic Dauphin became the king of France and regained legitimacy and the loyalty of Frenchmen everywhere as a consequence of the ceremonies. Charles, still irresolute and hesitant, delayed and missed the moment for riding the psychological crest and driving the English from his land. Instead of acting, he vehemently opposed any further campaigns against the English. Therefore, it was without royal support that Jeanne conducted a military campaign against the English at Compiegne, near Paris where she was finally captured and convicted of the crime of answering to God before the king and the Roman Catholic Church. Jeanne directly disobeyed the king and was responsible for the murder of hundreds of Englishmen.Dostoevsky claims that as an 'extraordinary' woman, that this transgression was her duty, as was the shedding of the blood of 'ordinary' people. Dostoevsky goes on to say that 'most of the benefactors and founders of mankind were especially terrible blood-shedders,' and Jeanne's crime in no way diminishes her extraordinary nature. In fact, it only serves to further illustrate it. According to the theory, if Jeanne had not gone on to Compiegne and disobeyed the king, she would cease to...


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424 words - 2 pages France. At that time in Joans life England, Burgundy, and France were in a long period of conflict in the 'Hundred Year War' and France had no king at that time it only had a leader know as the Dauphin (Charles VI) and he was not king, yet because he had to be crowned at Rhiems which was held by the English.When Joan was 17 when she went to Vancoulers to explain her mission to the Dauphin and she convinced him to hand over the army to her.Joan

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2214 words - 9 pages patrol routes and the number of police that would be needed to try to effectively prevent crime occurring (Santos, 2017). Community Policing This method of policing is, at its most basic, when law enforcement agencies form a rapport and relationship with the community in which it serves. This method encourages a partnership between police and their communities, in which such strategies as the neighborhood watch system becomes a part of a proactive

Is The Relationship Between Drugs And Crime A Causal One?

2322 words - 10 pages . Psychopharmacological explanations tackle the chemical properties of drugs and look for explanations of how the body and mind can react to certain drugs (Goldstein, 1985). This kind of explanation often looks at the direct causes of drug consumption. This type of analysis has often been linked with violent crime specifically. White and Gorman (2000) outlined specifically several 'potential drug-organism interactions that might cause violent

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1402 words - 6 pages Natural Crime versus Legal CrimeLaw, what is it and where does it come from? There are many types of law ranging from natural law, constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, common law and positive law. Obviously there are many laws in place today that could be subcategorized under any of the aforementioned types of law. Most of the laws in America originated from common law. Common law was and is part of the English legal system. Although

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2151 words - 9 pages Free the emergence of realist criminology the preservation of crime control and prevention became much stricter as there was an increased use of police, in addition to tougher approaches towards offenders to keep crime rates at an acceptable standard. Realist Criminology can be split into two types – Left and Right. Although they share an understanding for a stricter approach to offenders and take more of a focus on the practical solutions to crime

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2267 words - 10 pages used by mass media to send messages at great speed. Powerful electronic based communication resources achieve this. Electronic based communication has replaced traditional methods of communication such as word of mouth and written communication. This new technology has the potential to create worldwide publicity unlike previous technology that may only reach small social groups. The ability to project crime myths to millions of people at once is

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936 words - 4 pages Neal 3 Evelyn Neal Sociology 160 Professor Cripps 11/15/2018 Causes of Street Crime Almost without exception, Americans believe that violent crime is increasing. In the short run, they are right: Violent crime did increase between 1985 and 1990. But what really worries most people is not the short-run trend but their sense that violent crime has been climbing steadily for a long time and that the future will only bring further increases. Such

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442 words - 2 pages run for finding the criminal at fault faster. To this day there is a lack of scientific evidence used in criminal profiling. By evaluating and criticizing criminals, FBI profilers will further research on profiling to be a very useful tool in crime scenes. FBI profilers can make mistakes but when lives are at stake, it is best to take every measure available to avoid a future strike.

What Are The Major Difficulties Associated With Theorising White-Collar Crimes?

1971 words - 8 pages ; which itself was seen as a bi-product of poverty (which prevailed in the 18th and 19th centuries). Marxist scholars (19th and 20th century) were of the opinion that crime was produced by an outgrowth of class conflict. White-collar crime didn't exist at this time, but the type of crimes it encompassed were theorised under the same thought as the typical crimes of those times. It was Edwin Sutherland who first put white-collar crime on the


358 words - 2 pages -people prefer to believe the offender was motivated by psychotic urges. Perhaps, by thinking this way, people are able to distance themselves from the perpetrator. Recognizing that a crime may have been motivated by common feelings like greed and anger, which all humans experience at some point, the criminal shows similarities to the rest of society.Often, lay-persons try to find a cause that is as far removed from their own motive as possible

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1221 words - 5 pages Free murder.Raskolnikov knows of this very well, for he has committed two murders, both of them ille¬gal and in cold blood. Obviously, this act is defined as criminal because of the moral andlegal implications one faces when committing it. Most, if not all people in Russia at thattime would agree that murder is defined as a crime.But Raskolnikov has other ideas about his crime. At first, he committed the mur¬der of the old moneylender only for his

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2253 words - 10 pages designed to increase the role of ‘Great Powers’ in international diplomacy at the expense of smaller powers and was heralded as a success for Mussolini. 23 October​ - Hitler withdraws Germany from the ​World Disarmament Conference at Geneva​, blaming the French for refusing to allow Germany to have parity in arms. He also withdrawals from the League of Nations, calling it a French ‘conspiracy’ to keep Germany weak. 1934 26 January​ - A ​10-Year

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3828 words - 16 pages looking at aspects of a crime scene to assign offenders to different categories Each category of offender has different typical characteristics It originated in the USA FBI drew upon data gathered from in-depth interviews with 36 sexually motivated serial killers This provided a theoretical framework that was used to distinguish between types of offenders Offenders are categorised as either organised or disorganised. And information about the crime

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1520 words - 7 pages at a greater penalty when hate crime is defined in the court cases. Sexual assault cases should be persecuted at a greater penalty to demand the justice of the crime for the victims that had dealt with the unfairness of going to trail and those who had to heal in private. The Definition of Hate Crime Hate crime is not a charge in itself, the conviction will hold a greater penalty if it can be proven it was hate motivated. Sexual assault hate

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2499 words - 10 pages Andres Colon October 10, 2018 Mythology of Crime and Criminal Justice When there is public awareness of a particular crime, it prompts people in the government to move swiftly so that they can implement certain laws that would combat the rising numbers of crimes that are committed. Due to media influence, there is a light that is casted on people in Congress that urges them to create these laws. Often, action occurs after someone becomes a